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The moveTHRU Community on Facebook is the easiest way to connect with others who have lost someone special in their lives. In this safe space for grief, we welcome anyone who has experienced a loss to share about their struggle, tell us stories about their deceased loved one, ask questions; and to witness and hold space for each others grief.




Jun 11, 2024

Truth Awakened: My Journey back to Being a MOM

May 10, 2024

How to turn CONFLICT with your partner into CONNECTION

Apr 17, 2024

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Podcast interviews

Podcast with Grief + Light 

"LOVE AND GRIEF: How Emily P. Bingham learned to MoveTHRU grief as a young widow." In this open conversation, Emily shares her journey from caretaker of her beloved husband Ian, to newly bereaved widow and mother of two under the age of 3, to how she rebuilt her life helping others, and how she's ultimately thriving through grief and love.


Podcast with The Mourning Crew - "When You Turn Pain Into Purpose"

Emily joins the crew to talk about the loss of her husband to uveal melanoma in 2019, when she was 35 years old. Since becoming a widow, she leaned into her pain and turned it into purpose, by becoming a certified grief coach & content creator. Her most recent success includes her new book, Love & Grief, which beautifully blends her personal anecdotes with practical tools for fellow grievers. 


27: The Grief Coach 💔 Body To Burial

This week we welcome Emily Bingham, Certified Grief Educator & Coach. After the loss of her husband in 2019 to Uveal Melanoma, she founded moveTHRU, which allowed her to create new meaning out of her tragedy by helping others heal from theirs. What is the primary goal of moveTHRU? To teach others that the human experience isn’t about living in perpetual happiness. And to understand that denying grief of a loss is to deny the love for your person – because grief and love are deeply intertwined.


Interview with "Emily Bingham" Podcast

In this interview with Emily, she tells us about the grief associated with the passing of her husband and the trajectory that took on her life. She shares tons of resources, and we talk about movement and allowing ourselves to feel. We also get some perspective from her on what it is like to date after going through a spouse's death.


Interview with "Living Brave" Podcast

In this interview Emily shares her transformational journey about young widowhood, unexpected life changes, and awakening to all the possibilities that life can bring after enduring tragedy. Her story is one of bravery, and resiliency, and will leave you motivated, deeply moved, and inspired.


Interview with "Emily Bingham" Podcast

Trying to find meaning in the face of grief is not easy. How often have you heard that you should focus on the positive? That kind of reaction is too common, and it can be unhealthy. It’s normal — and human — to grieve. In this episode of The Limitless Podcast, grief coach Emily Bingham walks us through her grief journey and how it inspired her to build her thriving business, moveTHRU Grief.


Interview with "Single Girl Dad" Podcast

In this episode, Rob interviews fellow widow and single parent, Emily Bingham


Interview with "The Eye Believe" Podcast

This is an emotional interview with Danet Peterson, who is an Ocular Melanoma (OM) advocate living with OM. This is the type of cancer that Emily's husband Ian passed away from. The conversation covers anticipatory grief, grief after a loss, and how to keep moving forward.


Interview with "Meet the Moment" Podcast

This interview explains why movement helps us move forward from a loss. Learn how Emily started moveTHRU, the psychology and science behind the moveTHRU Method, and the movement she is starting to help anyone grieving move forward from loss.


Interview with "The Mom Cast" Podcast

Being a mom is hard! But being a widowed mom presents another set of unique challenges. Here, Emily shares an inside look at single-parenting while grieving the loss of her husband.


Interview with "I did not sign up for this" podcast

Emily shares her grief journey starting with her husband's cancer diagnosis, treatment, hospice care, his passing, and how she has found meaning in loss by founding moveTHRU.


Interview with “The Third Place" Podcast

Grief can bring us meaning. Grief can help bring clarity. And while grief is hard - so, so hard, it can also give us celebration. Emily shares her journey of transformation on the podcast.


Interview with "Hart to Harts" Podcast

Emily shares the story of watching her college sweetheart, husband, and father of her children die of cancer.


Article for Love What Matters - "My Story"

‘He’s dying. There’s cancer everywhere.’ He could barely make out a word. I watched my husband slowly fade away.’: Mom of two loses husband to cancer, ‘I chose love over…


Interview with "Make A Seat" Podcast

Discussion on grief, grief in the work place, building a business from tragedy, and making the choice to move forward.


Interview with "Disrupting Balance" Podcast

Discussion on anticipating loss, the five stages of grief, and starting a movement with moveTHRU.


Feature on the "Warrior Way'

Channel 9 News features Emily and moveTHRU on the Warrior Way. Watch the segment.


Article for Scary Mommy - "Dating is Even More Complicated as a Widow"

"I’m a widow. I lost my husband, the father of my two children, to cancer just over 10 months ago. And while I miss my late husband, I also crave a new love. I was feeling guilty about this until my four-year-old daughter admitted that she wanted a “new daddy” too..."


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