Ready to take back control over your life after loss?

Uncover your truth.

Find your purpose.

Live fully again.

Uncover your truth. Find your purpose. Live fully again.
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moveTHRU Membership

Where your journey thru grief begins! This flexible membership is for the griever who wants to feel seen, supported and held by a community who understands. $199 / month gets you access to bi-weekly group coaching calls and breath-work and movement sessions lead by Movement & Support Coach Yole Anna, a private membership forum to connect daily with other community members, and 10% OFF all moveTHRU programs! 

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moveTHRU Grief LIVE

For the griever who feels "stuck" or overwhelmed by their emotions and wants to learn how to embrace grief, this 8-week program gives you the tools, gentle guidance, movement exercises, and community to do so. Using Emily's signature moveTHRU Method and online course, you how to embody eight common emotions experienced in grief through movement & breath-work, and shift your mindset to feel supported & empowered as you navigate your loss. 

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GrowTHRU Grief

This 12-week program teaches grievers how to integrate their loss and find meaning & purpose in tragedy with the support of a community who truly understands. Intimate, loss-specific groups discuss the nuances of each type of loss and how to re-build your life in wake of tragedy. The three month journey allows grievers time and safe space to integrate their loss, to understand their unique grieving style (because grief looks different for everyone!), to explore their new identity, to witness their own post-traumatic growth and to give their loss new meaning. Participants learn that they are truly their best guide in grief ... and in life! 

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ThriveTHRU Grief

Turn your pain into purpose! This 6-month long high-touchpoint mentorship is a program / mastermind hybrid for anyone looking to build a community and/or business around a personal cause. Learn and apply the principles and of business, social media & marketing, programming & coaching, compelling storytelling, and entrepreneurial mindset to bring your vision to help others to life. 

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Love After Loss

Co-created and lead by Dating & Relationship Coach and LCSW Michelle Mouhtis, this program supports widows/widowers who are curious about dating or already in a relationship. Over the course of 8 weeks, participants explore all the nuances of dating as a widow, such as determining "readiness", releasing guilt, shame or anxiety around loving someone new, holding two loves in your heart, setting boundaries with those who don't understand, owning your grief and story of loss, and loving yourself. Participants leave this program feeling clear about who they are & what they desire in their next partner, confident about how to date and own their truth, and connected to themselves and to community who understands. 

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Grief Expressed

A 6-Week LIVE Writing Immersion to Heal, Share & Re-Claim your Story on Loss

Talking about grief is scary AF! Whether it's opening up about your feelings to friends & family, or in a more public forum like sharing your struggles on social media -- there's a lot of fear with having the deepest, darkest parts of yourself seen by others.

But here's the thing -- grief needs to be witnessed!

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Without You: A Holiday Grief Group

8-Weeks of Grief Support to Survive the Season of Joy

I created Without You - my 8-week Holiday Grief Support Group — for anyone who has lost someone they love and needs a safe and supportive space to grieve this holiday season.

From mid-November through the New Year, participants will meet weekly on Zoom for Coaching & Community sessions lead by Emily and Movement & Breath-work sessions lead by moveTHRU Movement Coach and certified grief yoga trainer Yole Anna Hines.

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A year long metamorphosis with moveTHRU

Grief work and growth are often painful and slow.

Transformation takes time, and the time is NOW!

Plug into every program with moveTHRU for a FULL-YEAR of healing, growth and personal transformation.

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moveTHRU Widows Retreat

Healing & Empowerment thru Sisterhood, Spirituality, Mystery & Magic!

Our first two retreats SOLD OUT were an incredible success; we're still beaming.

Click below to learn more about our next retreat in 2024 in Tulum, Mexico on Dia De Los Muertos and get on the waitlist!

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