5 Obvious (but overlooked) Practices to Support You on Your Grief Journey

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🖤After my husband’s death …

I tried ALL the healing modalities. 

I spoke to a therapist, hired a coach, experimented with reiki and energy healers, and read every self-help book under the sun! 

Hands down, all of these tools supported me in my grief journey, but there were other more subtle, yet incredibly effective practices that helped me heal too. 👇



Getting outside helped me realize that although my husband's death felt MONUMENTAL to me, it was still small in the greater scheme of life. Feeling connected to something greater than myself inspired hope and made rebuilding my life seem more manageable. 


🎑Ritual & Ceremony 

Creating daily grief rituals – like lighting a candle for 10 min and putting on sad music to allow myself to cry and express my feelings before I went to bed each night. 

Or, turning tough grief milestones like Death Anniversaries in to celebrations to honor his life. 

These practices allowed me to hold gratitude alongside my grief, which softened the pain of my loss and gave it new meaning. 



I didn’t consider myself spiritual, but three years into my grief journey I realized that all of the tools, insights and teachings that were supporting me, such  as …

Looking for signs and ways to connect to my LH 

Meditation and stillness practices

Searching for deeper meaning in my life 

Were actually rooted in spirituality! 



In early grief,  it was hard-core fitness to help me move thru big emotions. But years later, movement practices like breathwork, ecstatic dance and gentle yoga supported me with nervous system regulation and getting back into my body after dissociating. 



Feeling fully seen by someone who got what I was going through and watching others rebuild their life and thrive in the aftermath of loss gave me validation, hope and motivation to forge a path forward for myself! 


If you desire to experience into the healing power of these modalities IRL…

👉Then CLICK HERE for deets on my widows retreat in Tulum, Mexico over Dia de Los Muertos this fall. 

During the 5-day retreat we will use these practices to honor the eternal connection to our deceased in spirit, as we explore and celebrate who were are now without them in the physical.💀


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