🔎 6 Myths in Grief

Feb 05, 2023

Hi friend,

We live in a society that grossly misunderstands grief & over simplifies life after loss. This does a major disservice to grievers by setting false expectations around how they “should” grieve and move forward.

These misconceptions result in grievers feeling judged & criticized and instills a sense of self-doubt or haste around grieving within the societal guidelines.

That's why I've compiled SIX COMMON MYTHS about Grief and provided EMPOWERING TRUTHS to collapse time around your suffering below.

Keep reading to unlock some powerful shifts to support you on your journey thru grief. 👇

MYTH ONE: If you are happy, then you must be done grieving

TRUTH: Grief and joy coexist After a loss, you can be happy, hurting and healing simultaneously. Feelings are fluid! So a griever might be smiling one moment and then crying the next. Integrating requires tending to your grief, as you adapt to your new normal. Healing is about learning to live alongside your grief.

MYTH TWO: Ignoring the pain will make it go away.

TRUTH: Integrating the pain is how you heal Suppressing or avoiding the hard emotions in grief does not make them go away. Instead, this energy can get stuck in your body and cause psychological, emotional and physiological problems. You can’t heal what you don’t feel. You integrate your loss by processing and feeling your emotions.

MYTH THREE: Grief only looks like sadness

TRUTH: Grief includes a lot of emotions Some grievers might be consumed by overwhelming sadness and despair – as we’ve seen it played out in the movies. For others, their grief might be ridden with anxiety and anger. Grief includes a range of different emotions and everyone’s grief looks different! With time, grief can even feel like gratitude and love.

MYTH FOUR: Grief is linear and in stages

TRUTH: Grief is a messy, sh*t show There is no formal progression of grief. You don’t finish one stage and then move to the next. Often you might experience a range of emotions at different times throughout your journey – not just one and done! Grief is the greatest act of surrender, and once you let go – of rational, of process or order entirely – it’s much easier to ride the never-ending, ever-changing tides.

MYTH FIVE: The first year is the hardest

TRUTH: It’s different for everyone Most grievers are led to believe that if they survive the first year of grief, then they will be done. Depending on the type of loss and griever, many find that the second, third or consecutive years after are harder as the shock has lifted and the permanence of their loss settles in.

MYTH SIX: Grief has an endpoint

TRUTH: Grief is forever The myth that grief has an endpoint sets up grievers for failure and disappointment when they never cross that “finish line.” Grief never goes away. It changes. It can be years after a loss and grief might still arise. There is nothing wrong with you! You are not regressing. This is just the price you pay for love.

Did any of these myths stand out to you? If so, there is might limiting belief that is keeping you stuck or causing you more hurt than healing.

Part of my work as a coach is to help bring awareness to, process and release specific beliefs that might be adding to your suffering.

And, it's one thing to read about these myths in an email, but the healing and transformation happens when you unpack them in a group coaching session.

These shifts don't happen over night -- they happen with time, consistency and commitment to doing the work to heal.

Because time alone doesn't heal your wounds -- YOU DO!

If you’re looking for a brave space to get un-stuck, embrace grief and begin to LIVE fully in the face of death... I have two programs open for enrollment right now!

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My unique approach to grief (and life) has served myself and my clients – guiding them to embrace grief and rebuild lives worth FULLY living in the face of tragedy.🖤

I would be so honored to journey thru grief in community with you.

Love & light,


PS. I invite you to share these myths with family & friends! We could all use some grief education because if you haven't already experienced a loss ... you one day will. Grief is a universal experience. Appreciate you spreading awareness, compassion and love

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