A Brave Space for Connection, Community & Coping with Grief

Your journey thru grief with moveTHRU starts here!

A flexible membership option to meet you wherever you are at in the grieving journey

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The pretend smile. The tears you are holding back.

The emptiness that resides inside. The anger that life treated you this way.

The regret for what you should have said. The guilt for continuing on.

The anxiety and emotional overwhelm. The fear of another tragedy occurring.

The isolation that comes from navigating a life-altering loss like this …


As lonely as you might feel right now, there is a community who gets it and whole-heartedly understands.

A space where you can feel seen, supported and empowered as you grieve and re-build your life after loss.

And that you can join RIGHT NOW!


 I created the moveTHRU Membership for the griever…

✨ Who craves connection and coping skills

✨ Who desires a community to plug into time and time again to navigate the continuous ebbs and flows of grief

✨ Who seeks to be validated and comforted by the stories of other’s who have experienced a loss, and

✨ Who wants to feel empowered as they navigate grief with access to high-touch point coaching, coping skills and community who gets it



Upon joining, you will get immediate access to coping skills, coaching and a community that understands grief! We kickoff every month with a high-touchpoint group coaching call with moveTHRU founder Emily Bingham, then a movement & breath work session led by moveTHRU Movement Coach Yole Anna Hines two weeks later.

"Each person's grief is as unique as their fingerprint. But what everyone has in common is that no matter how they grieve, they share a need for their grief to be witnessed." - David Kessler

During the coaching calls, we will come together in community to share about your struggles and have your grief witnessed without judgment or expectation. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized coaching from Emily. Each session will include a short training on coping skills, mindset shifts and grief education to empower you on their journey thru grief.

"You can’t heal what you don’t feel." - David Kessler

The movement sessions are intended to help you get out of your head and into your body to FEEL whatever is coming up. Research has shown that grief, emotional memory and trauma are not just stored in your brains, but also in your body — so these movement session allow you to feel and release these emotions (that otherwise get stuck causing long-term physiological and psychological implications) in a safe, trauma-informed space.

All sessions take place LIVE on zoom and can be accessed by recording at a later date in the members-only library.

In between LIVE calls, you’ll get access to the private moveTHRU Membership community forum. Here you can connect with other members around the clock and share whatever is coming up for you. Emily and Yole will answer any questions and share weekly prompts to support and empower you as we journey thru grief.


TWO LIVE Monthly Group Coaching Calls

VALUE $1111

Weekly INSPIRATION & Daily CONNECTION in our private TELEGRAM Community

VALUE $3333

Expert GUEST SPEAKER Workshop for continued growth & expansion

VALUE $2222

10% OFF other moveTHRU LIVE programs

SAVINGS from $222 - $666

Automatic Enrollment in Paid Workshops & Trainings* 


BONUS Trainings & Courses including: 

moveTHRU Grief Live
3-Day Empowered Healing Summit
90-min Reclamation Master Class

VALUE $1777

A family for life!


That's 8k+ of VALUE  for $199 / month or $1999 for the year!

*Workshops up to $199*



Grief & loss are not talked about in our society. So when a loved one dies, it can feel extremely isolating. You might believe that you are the “only one” who has faced this type of tragedy.

It doesn’t seem fair that the rest of world keeps moving when yours has stopped. You feel alone in your struggle. Lost with no guidebook to do grief. Hopeless as you look to the foreign future, and paralyzed by your circumstance.

These feelings are valid. An awful thing happened to you. Your person died without your consent. You have a right to feel disappointed, sad and angry that life treated you unfairly. But, as hopeless as you feel …


Empowerment comes from recognizing that despite how hopeless you feel after a loss, you are not powerless. No, you cannot change the past. But you can change the tragic trajectory moving forward.

Empowered healing is recognizing that you have a choice in this! That can take back control over your life. That there are tools, communities, and guides that can support you. That you can grow alongside your grief, and...

That you can consciously create a life worth FULLY LIVING again!


Validated by a community who understands.

Empowered having tools in your toolkit to cope with grief.

Supported as you adapt to this new normal.

Proud of your resilience and post-traumatic growth.

Hopeful as access trust and surrender in the face of uncertainty.

Excited about the possibility of the life you are re - building.

This is possible for you (RIGHT NOW)!


I created the moveTHRU Membership with the needs of the griever in mind.

Sometimes you don’t know what you really need or desire when tragedy strikes! So you can join the moveTHRU Membership starting at $199 / month and if it doesn’t feel like a fit, you can cancel anytime.

Or, if having a community and coping skills in your back pocket feels supportive and empowering, you can join for the whole year and save ~$400.

I’m here for you no matter what you decide.



Cancel Anytime




Save ~$400


What my clients are saying about this community...

“I could not recommend this grief program enough! I was not finding the tools & connections I needed from traditional therapy… Ultimately, I was able to understand how I can be the vest version of myself after the loss of my best friend.”

- Chris

“I learned how to really feel my emotions, lean into and sit in them, allow them to come in and move through me.”

- Karen

“Joining this group there was never any pressure to speak and share. However, the comfort of having others who share made it so easy to open and share when I felt like I could. Being surrounding by others in a time of so much hurt and heartache gave me a sense of normalcy.”

- Ashley

“I was able to talk with the community and the moveTHRU team, be witnessed, be supported, and bring healing to a place I would have never noticed, or may have missed and had long-lasting effects still in my grief journey because of it.”

- Nate

“For the first time in over three years, I am feeling ready to open my heart to new experiences and I am excited for the next chapter in my life."

- Dawn


About Your Guides

About Emily

Certified Grief Educator, Grief Coach, widow and founder of moveTHRU. After the loss of her husband in 2019 to Uveal Melanoma, she started moveTHRU to create new meaning out of her tragedy by helping others heal. In two years, it’s evolved into a full-blown online grief coaching business. Emily has worked with hundreds of clients in her private & free coaching groups and reached millions of followers through her social media content on TikTok and Instagram. Her mission is to help anyone who has experienced a loss embrace grief through movement, mindset, and by connecting with a community who understands, and find meaning and purpose in life after loss.

About Yole

Certified Yoga Instructor (specializing in trauma-informed and Grief Yoga), Wellness Coach, widow and Movement & Support Coach at moveTHRU. After the loss of her husband in 2021 to a rare and aggressive cancer, she dove into all things fitness and mindset to help navigate and find direction after this earth-shattering loss. Yole Anna quickly earned multiple yoga certifications, with the intent of being able to help others walking through grief, trauma, and hopelessness. Her goal is to help anyone who has experienced a loss find purpose and meaning, and explore ways to create beauty from the ashes through movement, mindset, and a supportive community that values holding space and lifting one another up.

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