Studying Archetypes Made Me A Better Mom 👩‍👧‍👦

May 19, 2023

Life not going your way? Running into resistance? Here's a little story about how I shifted my internal world to live in flow with my external ...

The lesson below! 👇

6 months after I got married, I found out I was pregnant.

I cried — I wasn’t ready to be a mom.

I had concerts to attend, career ladders to climb, fun & freedom to be LIVED!

But because I was married -- I mean, we wanted a family someday -- I accepted the news and made preparations for the journey ahead.


The stork came.

We created a beautiful family.

Then BOOM! My husband Ian died. 💀

I felt trapped AF! Yes, I had chosen to be mom within the confines of having a partner to raise kids with — but a SOLO MOM?

Hell no! 🙅‍♀️

I wanted to escape — an eat, pray, love journey to anywhere but here! I needed room to breathe, to grieve, to discover who I was…

Because not only did I not know myself before kids, but the pieces of myself that I actually did know died too!

Without “wife” attached to “mother”, I didn’t know who I was. My identity had died with daddy.

And trying to get to know myself within the confines of motherhood seemed impossible.

So with some help to watch my kids and my therapist, I learned about the triple goddess symbol — which is now tattooed on my inner arm.

It symbolizes the archetypal journey…

From MAIDEN (youth, pure, naivety, curios, creative)

to MOTHER (nurturer, love, responsibility, source)

to CRONE (wisdom, culmination, sage witch, death).

I’m not going to go deep into these archetypes now (we will explore these more in Motherhood My Way), but understanding this journey helped me release shame about how I was feeling in my own motherhood.

I felt suffocated not just because my husband was gone, but also because I was still very much in my MAIDEN energy.

Her voice hadn’t been heard yet! Poor thing was catapulted into a life of child-rearing, cancer & caretaking, and then death.

For someone who just wanted to party down on the dance floor…life had handed her A LOT!

So instead of making my maiden wrong, I listened to her. I gave her what she was craving…

Some FUN!

A wild night out.

Starting her dream biz, dance classes, trips to Colombia and Vegas — any outlet where I could re-connect with HER!

And once she was satisfied and FULL - I could better embody my MOTHER.

I could pour into my kids because I had poured into myself.

The lesson?

Sometimes your struggles are beneath the surface. And when can’t change what’s on the surface, you’ve got to go deeper. 🖤

This is your invitation WITHIN. ✨

It’s in healing this space that you’ll find all the joy, love, freedom and magic that you’re likely seeking outside of yourself.

Want a taste of this work? Then join Motherhood My Way TODAY 

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I'll not only be introducing the study of archetypes as a pathway to healing and growth, but I'll also be giving you practical tools: 

  • to stop the overwhelm of solo parenting
  • to set boundaries and ask for help
  • to support your grieving children,
  • and to come back to YOU!

In order to feel more connection, freedom and joy as a widowed mom.

I'm even bringing in Certified Life Specialist and Author -- Jessica Correnti (aka Kids Grief Support) -- to address your biggest questions & concerns about supporting your kiddos.

You can't change what's outside of you, but you can shift what's within.

✨I'd be so honored and grateful to guide you down this path ✨

Love & light,


PS. If you are not a widowed mama, but know one, please pass this on or consider gifting them Motherhood My Way as a Mother's Day gift!

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