🛠️ Six Tools to Connect you to your Intuition to rebuild your Life After Loss

Oct 19, 2023

When I started rebuilding my life after loss, I had SO MANY QUESTIONS! 😵

It was hard to know exactly where to start.

I didn't know WHO I WAS or WHAT I WANTED, because my identity & purpose was entirely tied up with my late husband.

Without him, I felt completely lost.

I didn't know how to answer the question of what was next? for me.

Friends & family were helpful, but I needed some tools to help arrive at my OWN answer.

With time & healing, I started to discover that all of the answers were already WITHIN me.

I just needed help listening.

So keep reading for SIX TOOLS that connected me back to my INTUITION … in hopes that they can connect you to yours. ⬇️

6 Ways to Connect Back to your Intuition (After Loss)


Carve out space for total quiet and allow your feelings & thoughts to surface. You can’t hear the whispers of your inutition when you’re constantly moving or in the fast-pace of survival mode.


Nature provides solace and reflects back what your soul needs to see or hear. An exotic bird might spark a creative idea, while a dark forest might invite you to keep searching when you’re feeling lost. A majestic mountain might guide you to the adventure your soul is truly craving. Pay attention to what comes up!


Ask your deceased loved one or the universe to send you a sign to help you answer the question you are seeking. Something as simple as, “Am I on the right path?” can eliminate fear & worry and connect you back to your inner knowing.


Write out everything! Don’t overthink it just let ideas and thoughts flow. Then revisit what you wrote and go a step deeper … Is this true? Where is this belief coming from? Is this my idea? Or someone else’s?


Identity a question and then pull a spread of cards (each deck will provide you with specific instructions). Or, simply pull one card and see what comes alive for you within. These readings can validate a situation you’re experiencing and unlock hidden codes that will guide you deeper to find your answer.


Your emotions don’t lie. If there’s excitement follow it. If there’s contraction, it might not be for you. If you’re triggered, there is more healing to be done. Fear is stored in your mind, intuition is stored in your body. Your emotions have wisdom … so tune in.

It's hard to know what path to take after life-altering loss. So instead of looking for the answers outside of you, I hope that these tools help you connect back to the answers that are already within.

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Connecting back to my intuition and learning to trust my inner knowing has helped me take big risks to create a life of meaning & purpose after loss.

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Sending love & light,


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