Ready to take back control over your life after loss?

Uncover your truth.

Find your purpose.

Live fully again.


Ready to TAKE BACK CONTROL over your life after loss? 

Ôĺ†Uncover your truth. Find your purpose. Live fully again.

Have you dreamt of no longer longing for the life that WAS, but feeling energized about the life that IS?

 The same way they have... 

"I can be the best version of myself after the loss of my best friend. I would not have let myself believe or feel this accomplishment on my own. My late wife is with me in everything I do!"
- Chris

"As I move forward, I get to choose what pieces of the ‚Äúold me‚ÄĚ I carry forward. I‚Äôm not powerless. I have control over who I am going to be without my late husband."

- Mindy 

"I have opened my eyes to the beauty of my own life. I learned that growth is possible and I look forward to having joy in my life again (without feeling guilty for it)."

- Juliane 

 I get it.

As you rebuild your life after loss, it’s easy to …

  • Get¬†complacent¬†with¬†just surviving¬†¬†
  • Feel afraid of making a big life change
  • Want to play it safe¬†
  • Stop believing that your dreams are¬†within reach¬†
  • Feel confused¬†or clueless about where to even start
  • Doubt that you know who you are or what you want anymore¬†
  • Get overwhelmed by even thinking about what you desire out of life!¬†

What if there was safe & simple way to create a life that you were ECSTATIC about after life-altering loss?


I’m talking about …

‚ÄĒ>¬†Feeling secure,¬† confident & empowered

‚ÄĒ> Believing that your dreams are possible

‚ÄĒ>¬†Sharing your unique gifts & strengths with the world

‚ÄĒ> Doing the things that light you up & bring you fulfillment and joy

‚ÄĒ>¬†Feeling grateful, excited & energized¬†about your life

‚ÄĒ>¬†Thriving in the aftermath of unthinkable tragedy!




Discover who you are now, then rebuild a life in alignment with your truth

I know what you’re probably thinking...

  • Can I¬†follow my passions and provide for myself¬†& family?¬†
  • How will I get past my fear of it not working out?¬†
  • What the heck is integration and how am I supposed to do it?¬†¬†
  • I'm too busy to make a big change. I'm overwhelmed managing life as is!¬†
  • I'm not sure I have unique gifts & talents to share. Do I even have a purpose?¬†
  • I want my dream life, but I don't believe it's possible for me.¬†

Can I really build a life that I’m excited about after losing someone I love?




My signature, mentorship program to uncover your truth, discover your purpose, and take back control over your life after loss. 


Every single one of Emily's programs (and I've done them all) has been a catalyst of life change for me. She is a badass and she is so tapped into the integration and duality of life and death that I knew without a doubt she would help propel me in understanding my own grief, tapping into my leadership, and owning of taking this journey forward.

- Jen



With over 16 hours of private video trainings, a hybrid of group & 1:1 live coaching calls with Emily, and an empowering community, this program gives you the tools, space, motivation and accountability to turn your pain into purpose! 

Here's my approach...

Phase 1: Integration & Emotional Mastery

You don't bypass your loss. You integrate it! Learn to embrace grief as it ebbs & flows, and allow this tragedy transform you so that it can guide you closer to your truth. Your emotions carry hidden wisdom -- learn to decode their messages on your path to purpose. 

Phase 2: Exploration of SELF

Identity work is not about re-invention, it's about remembrance. Discover who you are at your essence through the exploration and application the Enneagram, Human Design, and core values. Your purpose is to be more of you -- so self-discovery is the foundation for building your dream life. 

Phase 3: Discovering Your Purpose

Learn your Dharma Archetypes* & unique Dharma Blueprint*, by exploring it through the lens of spirituality. This phase is about navigating confusion, dreaming up possibility, and trusting that you have a divine purpose, so that you can define it and go live it!  *Dharma Coaching Institute 

Phase 4: Mindset to Manifest

Re-write your limiting beliefs, overcome imposter syndrome, and heal old wounds that are standing in the way of you taking the leap to live your purpose! By understanding the origins of your thoughts and actions, we'll make the subconscious -- conscious, so that you're living your truth, not someone else's.  


Phase 5: The RECLAMATION (take action!)

Set goals, make the plan and manifest your dream life! Learn different systems for moving from the ideation stage into action. Here you'll do the inner work, alongside the external baby steps to take a risk and see what living your purpose is actually like! 

And if we haven't met yet...

I'm Emily!

I'm a Certified Grief Educator, Grief Coach, Grief Coach, Certified Dharma & Spiritual Life Coach, widow and founder of moveTHRU. After the loss of my husband in 2019 to Uveal Melanoma, I started moveTHRU to create new meaning out of my tragedy. Helping others was healing.

In a few short years, moveTHRU evolved into a full-blown movement -- serving hundreds of clients, hosting sold-out retreats, reaching millions of followers on social media and landing a book deal (being published early 2024). I can now say without guilt, that my husband's death was the very tragedy that guided me to my truth. 

Now...I never wanted my husband to die. I wasn't happy or even ok with it -- in fact I spent years moving through anger, sadness and complete overwhelm raising two kids alone and living a life I never wanted.

Have you felt this way too? 

Just like you, I didn't have a  choice in my husband's death, but realized that I could take back control over my life by consciously choosing how I would moved forward. So in the aftermath of my loss...

  • I¬†hired a coach to help me figure who I was & what I wanted to do with my life after my loss
  • I¬†accessed tools like the Enneagram, Human Design and astrology to understand my identity¬†
  • I¬†invested in mentors who helped me unpack¬†limiting beliefs that were holding me back from manifesting my dream life¬†
  • I explored spirituality and doubled-down on¬†the belief that I had a purpose and what exactly it was¬†
  • I continued to heal -- moving thru my emotions and holding duality to weave my experience of loss into the fabric of my existence

I truly believe that ... 

You can allow grief to trap or transform you! 

My work is about the latter. 

I believe that grief is a portal to purpose and that with the right mindset, guidance and community you can integrate this tragedy as a vehicle for expansive personal transformation and invitation to discover your truth. 

 What you will learn... 

 The RECLAMATION is a 3 month LIVE program to uncover your truth, find your purpose and take back control over your life after loss. 

In this expansive container you'll learn about ...


Healing is a life-long journey. Learn how to hold duality, feel your emotions, and create new meaning in your loss so that you can weave your experience of loss and your loved one into your very existence. In loving them and losing them, you are who you are today. The integrated, phoenix rising who is ready to live fully in the face of death.  


Mindset is key to navigating hardship and manifesting big life change. Overcome imposter syndrome, re-write limiting beliefs, and embrace a growth mindset to DREAM AGAIN and believe that you are capable of changing your reality! Failure is feedback and rejection is redirection -- you won't just think this, but embody it! 


Learn how to feel and release, then get curious about your emotions so that you can understand their wisdom. Befriending your emotions is key to navigating confusion as you explore your purpose. I'll teach you how to feel your way into making big decisions. 


Uncover your unique dharma archetypes, dharma blueprint, and core values to define your purpose and how living it can manifest for you right now! We'll review all of your life experiences and connect the dots to see how the obstacles you overcome in life are a part of your purpose. You are here for a reason -- and through spiritual exploration and logical frameworks (for both believers and non) we will define it! 


With a significant loss, comes loss of identity. By exploring the Enneagram, Human Design, and Doshas (your mind-body energy type) we will help you remember your truth, unearth your inherent gifts, and celebrate the strengths that make you exquisitely that you can share them with the world as part of your truth. This isn't about re-inventing yourself, it's about remembering. 


Magic is in the action, not in the thinking! Here we move from dreaming about our purpose, to living it! Together we'll bring your ideas to life through a proven framework -- doing the inner work and 3D/physical, outer work to manifest your dream life. With the safety and accountability of a mentor & tribe, together we will rebuild a future that you're absolutely crazy about! 

What's Included in THE RECLAMATION:

Upon enrollment, participants willÔĺ†gain access to THE RECLAMATION pre-recorded modules, as well as theÔĺ†moveTHRU GriefÔĺ†online course.Ôĺ†

The group will meet weekly for hot seat coaching and Q&A over the course of three months. (All LIVE sessions take place via ZOOM). Between live calls, participants will have access to a private membership community! Clients will also have THREE 1:1 coaching calls with Emily: 

  • CALL ONE: ONBOARDING - Here I learn about your current situation and your desired outcome; then we create a plan to get you there! This is your 180-day Pain to Purpose Roadmap.¬†
  • CALL TWO:¬†CHECK-IN -¬†Halfway through the program we will check in to¬†track progress against desired outcomes. We will make adjustments to your roadmap accordingly!¬†
  • CALL THREE:¬†MANIFEST¬†-¬†Upon completion of the program¬†we'll meet one more time to¬†address remaining questions¬†& concerns to ensure that you are¬†well on your path to living your purpose by the end of six months!¬†

‚ö°ÔłŹ 12 LIVE Group¬†Coaching Sessions with Emily

(Value $9,000)

‚ö°ÔłŹ16 Pre-Recorded Trainings & Modules

(Value $8,000)

‚ö°ÔłŹTHREE¬†1:1 coaching calls with Emily¬†

(Value $1,500)


‚ö°ÔłŹAccess to private online community to connect between LIVE sessions

(Value $888)

‚ö°ÔłŹDownloadable Session Notes and Journal Prompts

(Value $555)

That's $20k in value for a fraction of your investment!



This is a small, intimate group setting where I am holding space for only 12 participants to ensure high-touch point coaching, and providing lifetime access to exclusive trainings and content, as well as established guest speakers, all for an investment equal to most therapy.

If this program feels like a HELL YES and you are ready to expand into you highest self thru grief, then I invite you to apply now!

This is a brief questionnaire about your loss and your goals moving forward. Once I receive and review your application, I’ll reach out with an invitation to join our group or a link to set up a discovery call should you have any questions or concerns. 


What clients are saying about Emily and her programs…

‚ÄúEven if you're afraid or intimidated by the idea of being on live coaching calls, I want to encourage you to take that leap today. You are not alone but surrounded by Emily and others who are walking in the same space as you are right now. This course is truly one of a kind. Created by a compassionate understanding kind person who has a heart that wants to motivate and teach you how thrive and grow stronger as you move forward in your grief.‚ÄĚ


‚ÄúI highly recommend this wonderful group‚Ķit has been life-changing for me! One of the most important things I learned is to allow ALL of the feelings in as they come (even the uncomfortable ones), to acknowledge them and to move through them ‚Äď Emily will meet you where you are and will help you to figure out how to do it, it‚Äôs amazing!‚ÄĚ


‚ÄúThe biggest breakthrough I had was when I was journaling / answering a question that Emily provided during a session and I wrote out what it meant for me to move forward. I had told myself that he would want me to be happy and move forward, but something about writing it out was so helpful in fully understanding and accepting what it meant for me ‚ÄĒ knowing it would honor him to move forward‚Ķeven it was baby steps. I have reminded myself many times that moving forward does not mean moving on, and this has been HUGE in my grief journey.‚ÄĚ


‚ÄúGrief is so hard, but I have learned through this group that grief and love go hand in hand. Without grief there is no love and if you want to have a life filled with love you will have grief. Emily is not a therapist, she is a coach, she listens, she speaks, but mostly she helps you to find your way and to understand that together we can move through our grief and we can continue to live our lives. I don‚Äôt know where I would be without Emily and without this group that I now consider my friends. From the bottom of my heart, Emily, I thank you!‚ÄĚ


"I no longer feel so alone in the world.  I can talk about my grief with people who truly understand because they too are grieving.  I finally feel like maybe I will find joy again.  I find myself moving forward and making future plans.  Nothing big, but little by little, I see myself healing.  And I attribute this to Emily and her calling to help others who are grieving.  Because of Emily, I feel hopeful that I’m not doomed to spending the next 20-30 years in deep sorrow. " 


‚ÄúEmily helps you to be curious of your emotions which helps you learn more about your own self. The biggest takeaway was finding more of myself in this program as we learned more about our personalities! That was life changing for me on how I viewed myself and my grieving. I highly recommend her program! She has been worth every penny spent on helping with my grief. I feel so supported by her even after group is done.‚ÄĚ



The fact is that -- YOU CAN GROW THRU GRIEF! 

Yes,¬†Post-Traumatic Growth¬†a real thing ‚ÄĒ you can actually¬†transform¬†in beautiful, profound ways from moving thru this seemingly impossible experience. In fact, according to nearly 50% of people who undergo some form of trauma experience post-traumatic growth.¬†

So what dictates the difference? 

There are MANY FACTORS including socio-economic standing and past traumas that play a major impact, but some common ones that are 100% within your control (regardless of our external environment) are these:  

  • Having a strong support system
  • Encompassing a growth mindset¬†
  • Being able to integrate the traumatic experience, and¬†
  • Developing new belief systems after the traumatic experience

This is what my work is about!

While you can‚Äôt bring your person back and it feels like you‚Äôve lost everything ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs in this place of total loss and uncertainty that you are forced to stretch and grow, invited to question everything you know about life, meet yourself at your essence, and finally realize that you have the freedom to create whatever life you want!

I'd be so honored to show you how...


If you've made it this far ...

You're probably wondering if THE RECLAMATION is a fit for you. So here are some factors to consider...


ūü§ć You're committed not just to¬†surviving, but thriving¬†in life after loss

ūü§ć¬†You¬†want to find yourself and build a life that aligns with you who are now

ūü§ć You've had a taste of empowerment, growth & gratitude from¬†your loss and want to explore this duality more¬†

ūü§ć You're lit up about personal growth, increasing self-awareness, and accessing new levels on consciousness¬†

ūü§ć You desire a coach & community to hold you accountable so that you can manifest a life of meaning in purpose!



ūü§ć You are in acute or early grief¬†

ūü§ć You are don't want to or are not ready to move forward¬†

ūü§ć You have deeply seeding trauma that you have not dealt with¬†

ūü§ć You are looking forward to a quick fix for the pain or not willing to do the work necessary¬†to integrate, heal, grow and find your purpose in life¬†



Frequently Asked Questions...

Are you ready to reclaim your life after loss? 

Trust me! I know how scary and overwhelming it can feel to look toward the blank slate of a future in attempts to rebuild your entire life. I was there too. And now -- nearly five years since my husband's death -- after launching moveTHRU, landing a book deal, falling in love again, and  living a my dream life, I realize that there's no way my mind could have planned this all out!

So it's ok if you don't have it all figured out. You would cutoff the magic of LIFE if you did. All you need to do today is to take the first step ...

Listen to the voice within
Follow your excitement, and 
Believe that living a life of truth & purpose is possible! 

It was for me. And I'd be so honored to help you manifest yours, together. 


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