New Years Resolution's for Grievers ✍️

Jan 06, 2023

After my husband Ian died in 2019, the transition to the New Year was really hard. On one end I was relieved that the worst year of my life was finally over. But at the same time... I also didn’t want to leave it behind.

Starting a new year made my loss feel more finite – more REAL.

I discovered that a New Year doesn’t just magically take away your pain or motivate you to rebuild your life. You might feel pressure to reinvent yourself, start over, or rush your grief in hopes to move forward, but the reality is that...

Healing takes time.

So instead of succumbing to the social pressures of the New Year, here are some resolutions that might actually be doable (and supportive) for grievers this year. 👇🏼

7 New Year's Resolutions for Grievers to bring into 2023:

1. Go Easy on Yourself

Let go of expectations and timetables — the need to be done grieving at a certain time – and instead be kind to yourself and invite in grace.

2. Surround Yourself with Supportive people

Think about what you need - an escape, less judgment, fun, people who remember your loved one - then find communities who can give this to you.

3. Engage in ONE Activity that Makes you Feel Good

Exercise, knitting, gardening – anything that gets you into flow (temporarily relief from the pain). Hobbies like these can also provide you with feelings of accomplishment, productivity and fulfillment in the void of a loss.

4. Be Honest about How you Feel

It takes so much energy to hold your grief in. Try to resist pressure to pretend that you are ok - even if it’s been years since your loss. Honor your feelings - own them - and feel them!

5. Do One thing Your Loved One Couldn’t Do but Wanted To

Was there a cause, activity, trip or dream your loved one had? Consider actually doing it to honor their legacy and maintain your connection.

6. Help Someone Else in Pain

Helping others is so healing. Go into a grief group with the intent to give as well as receive support, or support someone in need.

7. Invest in YOU!

Seek formal support. Join a support group, find a coach or therapist – discover the growth, power, strength and love that still resides within you.

I hope these ideas feel supportive & inspirational, as well as help you see that you don't need to do anything big or grand to move forward or make progress. Baby steps lead to big gains along the way! ✨

If something resonated for you here, I invite you to save this blog post, share these tips with a friend, or join me face-to-face with other grievers LIVE on zoom from Jan 17-19 for my FREE Empowered Healing Summit. ⚡️

I'll be sharing my personal insights & coaching tips on how to access power when loss leaves you feeling powerless as you connect with a community who understands.

Hope to see you there!

Sending love, light, passion and patience as you enter 2023,


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