How to Use Signs to Connect You to Your Intuition

Aug 22, 2023

It was on the plane home from my Hawaii trip that it all clicked. 💡

According to statistics, the odds of blended families “succeeding” are less than 30%. This number was planted into my periphery from skeptical family members probing my decision to move in with my parter David. More often than not, it seemed that when I shared my big news I received more concerns than celebration; naming potential pitfalls or blindspots that I hadn't considered.

If our move ended up not working out, it wouldn't just cost us emotionally (more grief & loss for us all) … but it would cost us financially as well. Blending love & money is risky biz. With the odds against us I wondered …

Am I nuts for putting my whole family at risk?

With less than 24hrs before we were to close on our new home, I decided to use my six hour flight from Hawaii to Colorado to find clarity. I needed to cut through the noise of everyone else fears and doubts in order to connect back to my intuition. But, I needed some assistance.

So I closed my eyes and asked. I silently sent a request to the universe …

“Ian, if you are out there. Send me sign that confirms my decision to move in with David.”

In reading the book Signs, I had just learned how our deceased loved ones can engage with us through song lyrics (or anything that allows them to influence the earth’s electro-magnetic field). So, after my recent turtle spotting on the North Shore (read my Instagram last post.

I plugged in my headphones, selected a random playlist and listened — jotting down phrases that seemingly stuck out along the way. Now, here’s where it gets magical!

The internet on the plane was not working. So, for a song to play, it needed to be downloaded. As I questioned Ian’s influence, I looked at my playlist and noticed there was one that had already played. But, it had not been downloaded!

The song?

“Kids in Love” by Kygo. (Listen HERE

It had to be Ian!

In early grief, this song deeply comforted me — bringing me back to my late teens when Ian and I first fell in love. This was Ian’s nudge to keep listening.

So song after song I continued to journal and decode away, when it all finally clicked!

David and I are just two kids in love. (Just like Ian and I were!)

Ian and I also had an uncertain future! In fact, when he asked me to marry him, I knew that he had a 50% chance of growing old with me … or dying.

But, despite the crappy odds, I still chose love over fear!

And, even thought with the final outcome of his death and me being widowed at 32 was not the path I wanted — I still wouldn’t change a thing!

The crucial realization dropped in deep!

With tears of gratitude for Ian’s guidance connecting me back to myself, I felt relief in my heart and soul trusting that whatever happens with David and I — whether we flourish into a beautiful blended family or for whatever reason break up and part ways — I know that I will be ok.

So I chose love!

And will keep doing so, again and again and again.


If you’ve been following me, you know that I’ve been in an ongoing period of spiritual awakening over the past three months. This recent chapter of raised consciousness and curiosity in the unseen realm marks the next phase of my post-traumatic growth since my husband’s death to cancer in 2019.

I’m realizing that the more I open myself to subtle cues — signs and synchronicities that are literally happening all around me — the more I’m able to connect back to me. You see …

No one can prove or disprove a sign versus coincidence. There is no scientific evidence to back a conclusion.

So, if something seemingly coincidently also elicits a feeling; maybe it stirs something within you or invites you to pause and think twice because it’s inspiring a deeper, hidden meaning or curiosity …

Then it’s TRUE!

Maybe not for skeptical Sally or the next random person …but for you!

Admittedly, I can’t prove if Ian was influencing the songs I heard on the plane that day or not. But what I know with certainty is that by believing it was Ian, I moved myself from a place of fear and doubt, to a place of deep trust and knowing.

My response to his sign was REAL and it connected me to my intuition. And no one, can disprove my personal, lived experience — in other words my truth.

So whether you are a skeptic or a believer, you are the creator of your own reality.

It’s a simple choice.

Believe it or not.

Connecting back to my intuition and trusting in myself has helped me live my purpose. If you are interested in learning how your very tragedy can guide you to your truth, join me for my free master class Portal to Purpose on Thursday, August 31st! Sign up HERE

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