🎄How to Support a Griever this Holiday

Dec 06, 2022

🎄How to Support Someone Grieving this Holiday Season🎄

The holidays can be an extremely difficult time for anyone navigating a loss.

Often friends and family don't know how to support grievers, thinking that cheering them up or not talking about their deceased loved one will ease their pain.

Unfortunately, these well-intentioned attempts might create additional suffering.

This is why I wanted to share a few tips on how you can be supportive to a friend or loved one who is missing their person right now 🤍

1. Don't force joy and merriment on them

The holidays are a painful time for someone grieving since there can be so many reminders that their loved one is gone. If they are sad, offer to hold space or sit with them in their pain.

2. Invite them to festivities without expectations

Often grievers feel nervous about attending events because there can be so much joy and they don’t want to feel triggered – but they still want to be included. Help create safety around the invitation by telling them there is no pressure to join and that you understand if they bail at any time.

3. Offer to help out with the merry-making

Help with decorating, holiday shopping, or anything that can take away from the overwhelm of the holidays! And to really go the extra mile, instead of asking if they need help, just SHOW UP!

4. Talk about their person

The greatest gift to a griever is to talk about their person. It provides them with safety and comfort knowing that the people around them are thinking about their loved one too.

5. Give them grace

It’s ok if you don’t understand what they are going through or have words to fix their pain. Grievers don’t want that. Grace, compassion and trust go a long way. Give them permission to feel and do whatever they need to right now!

I invite you to pass this along to friends or family members who might find this content supportive. Most of us don't know how to support someone grieving -- not because we don't want to! it's because our society doesn't like to talk about death, grief, struggle or hardship. So help me normalize grief and heal hurting hearts this holiday season.

Sending love & light always,


PS. If you or someone you know has lost someone they love and needs a safe & supportive space to grieve this holiday season, join my free Facebook group or my Holiday Grief Group -- Without You.

No one should have to navigate grief & the holidays alone.

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