A Holiday Grief Group


8-Weeks of Grief Support to Survive the Season of Joy

Nov. 17 - Jan. 3


There is no Home for the Holidays...

Without You

Mid-November through the New Year marks the time of the year where grief feels unwelcome and for the better, unseen. I mean, who wants to put a damper on the merry-making? Grief under normal circumstances already feels like a burden!

Every year, grievers are met with the question of honoring old traditions that they celebrated with their deceased loved ones or trying something new.

Holidays themes of gratitude and joy make darker emotions experienced in grief feel unwelcome.

And the anxiety of shopping, wrapping presents and having your home in order might feel unbearable when your person is missing.

Instead of feeling the warmth and nostalgia that this season brings, for grievers it can feel isolating and desperately lonely.

When you’re by yourself …

Wrapping presents late at night

Attending parties with other couples or festivities with "full" families

Witnessing the magic that this season brings … yet you feel numb inside.

I get it. I’ve been there too!

And I’d love to provide you with the community you’ve been looking for to support you this holiday season.

Survive The Season of Joy

I created Without You - my 8-week Holiday Grief Support Group — for anyone who has lost someone they love and needs a safe and supportive space to grieve this holiday season.

From mid-November through the New Year, participants will meet weekly on Zoom for Coaching & Community sessions lead by Emily and Movement & Breath-work sessions lead by moveTHRU Movement Coach and certified grief yoga trainer Yole Anna Hines.

Each week, participants will alternate between the two sessions as follows:

Coaching & Community Sessions with EmilyTuesdays from 9:30-11am MST

Nov. 15 // Nov. 29 // Dec. 13 // Dec. 27 

Movement & Breath-Work Sessions with YoleTuesdays from 5-6pm MST

Nov. 22 // Dec. 6 // Dec. 20 // Jan. 3

While Coaching & Community sessions provide participants with the opportunity to learn about grief and connect with the community, Movement & Breath-work sessions address grief & trauma stored in the body and give the group a dedicated space to physically feel whatever is coming up for them this holiday season.


What we will cover ...


We will kickoff Without You by creating a holiday survival plan to make space for grief. This session will include discussion on coping mechanisms, navigating triggers, creating boundaries,  and self-care. The movement session will build upon these concepts by giving you the opportunity to experience firsthand the power of breath-work and movement to soothe anxiety, calm the nervous system and find peace and comfort in a highly triggering season for grief & loss.

WEEKS 3-4:

The holidays tend to bring up a lot of “should’s” — I should attend this party, or I shouldn’t be feeling this way. You might put a lot of pressure on yourself to feel or behave a certain way this season — another demand being the need to feel grateful. These two sessions will help you release any stories or limiting beliefs around the way they should be feeling this holiday season, and invite you to access grace and permission to feel and do whatever you need to!


These sessions will focus on the loneliness that comes with the holidays following a devastating loss. After a loss, you might find yourself in settings surrounded by friends & family, yet feel so alone and isolated because no one understands your grief & loss. Over these two weeks, we will validate these feeling of loneliness, help you lean into your pain, and also share coping strategies and ways to reframe loneliness — transforming this uncomfortable feeling into peace and solitude.

WEEKS 7-8:

As the rest of the world celebrates the New Year ahead, you might find yourself conflicted between letting go of the year behind and moving forward. The passage of time brings a sense of permanence to a loss, and often this finiteness is met with resistance. Our final two weeks together will explore the concept of acceptance and the layers of grief you must move thru in order to get to this place in your grief journey. It will also break down the common misconception that you have to let go of the past in order to keep moving forward, and instead focus on how to integrate your loss as you re-build your life into the New Year.

***In between LIVE zoom sessions, group members will have access to a private online forum to ask questions, share struggles, and continue to connect.

Give Yourself the Gift of Guidance, Space & Support this Holiday Season


What you will gain from this group:


When you join Without You — you will gain coping skills for grief, confidence as you navigate life after loss, and a community for life.

In this safe & supportive space, you will receive the gift of being able to…

🖤 Share your emotions & struggles without judgment or expectation

🖤 Learn coping skills for grief & how to navigate triggers over the holidays

🖤 Practice grace & self-care to survive the season of joy

🖤 Physically move thru grief and practice mindfulness with gentle yoga & breath-work

🖤 Find solace and comfort with a community of people who truly understands.

Grief needs to be witnessed. You don’t have to pretend that you are ok this holiday season. Join a group who gets that right now … the holidays are hard, AND they won’t feel this way forever.



All of my multi-week live coaching programs start in the four-figure range, but for the holidays I want to give you the gift of high-touchpoint coaching and a community at 80% OFF my normal rate ($1799).

The investment for Without You - 8-weeks of Grief Support to Survive the Season of Joy — is $399!


I want to make the decision to invest in your healing, growth and empowerment as seamless as possible for you this season. If you cannot afford this program, then please email my Virtual Assistant Dani at [email protected] and we will see what we can do to support you in terms of financial assistance.

Client Love

Most of my clients who joined last year’s holiday grief group became immediate members of the moveTHRU FAMILY — meaning they continued on to participate in several moveTHRU programs including my first-ever widows retreat.

Here’s what they said about working with me and being a part of this supportive & empowering community …

"Grief is so hard, but I have learned through this group that grief and love go hand in hand. Without grief there is no love and if you want to have a life filled with love you will have grief. Emily is not a therapist, she is a coach, she listens, she speaks, but mostly she helps you to find your way and to understand that together we can move through our grief and we can continue to live our lives. I don’t know where I would be without Emily and without this group that I now consider my friends. From the bottom of my heart, Emily, I thank you!”

- Helene

“The weekly calls were a gamechanger for me. One of the hardest parts of grief is how lonely it is. Even the most well-meaning and sympathetic friends and family don’t truly understand, and that made me want to just isolate myself at times. Being able to connect with others who really got it made me feel seen and helped me to know that there is nothing wrong with the way I’m grieving. I cannot recommend this program enough!”

- Alison


Your Guides

About Emily

Certified Grief Educator, Grief Coach, widow and founder of moveTHRU. After the loss of her husband in 2019 to Uveal Melanoma, she started moveTHRU to create new meaning out of her tragedy by helping others heal. In two years, it’s evolved into a full-blown online grief coaching business. Emily has worked with hundreds of clients in her private & free coaching groups and reached millions of followers through her social media content on TikTok and Instagram. Her goal is to help anyone who has experienced a loss embrace grief through movement, mindset, and by connecting with a community who understands.


About Yole

Certified Yoga Instructor (specializing in trauma-informed and Grief Yoga), Wellness Coach, widow and Movement & Support Coach at moveTHRU. After the loss of her husband in 2021 to a rare and aggressive cancer, she dove into all things fitness and mindset to help navigate and find direction after this earth-shattering loss. Yole Anna quickly earned multiple yoga certifications, with the intent of being able to help others walking through grief, trauma, and hopelessness. Her goal is to help anyone who has experienced a loss find purpose and meaning, and explore ways to create beauty from the ashes through movement, mindset, and a supportive community that values holding space and lifting one another up. 

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