How to LIVE Alongside Your Grief

copingwithgrief grief and loss griefcoach Jan 10, 2024

Life doesn't have to stop after the death of a loved one.

You can live ALONGSIDE your grief!

It's true ...

The life that you knew and loved has ended💀 ... AND a new chapter is beginning. 🌅

Many grievers will fixate on the door that has closed, preventing them from seeing others that are opening.

This is when life really does stop. And it’s ok to spend time here.

How long?

It's up to you!

One of the burdens and gifts of a life-altering loss is that …


You have a choice to keep living. Your loved one did not.

The choice to keep living – to accept this new life – also requires that you grieve the old one.

But grieving doesn't mean that you need to stop living.

You can do both! How?

Do the dance of DUALITY, between …

✨Grieving the life that WAS

✨Accepting the life that IS and

✨Investing in the life that WILL BE!

You can live fully and rebuild your new life as you grieve your old life.

And I'd be so honored to walk hand in hand with you to show you how!

In fact, that's why I created my signature program THE RECLAMATION! ⚡️

For the griever who desires to:

  • Integrate their loss
  • Discover their truth & purpose and
  • Rebuild a life in alignment!



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