50% of Grievers GROW Thru Grief 🌱

Aug 24, 2023

I believe that a life-altering tragedy has the power to trap you…or transform you.

According to Healthline, nearly 50 percent of trauma survivors experience post-traumatic growth after a traumatic event. The other half do not.

So what dictates the difference?

There are MANY FACTORS including socio-economic standing and past traumas that play a major role, but some common components that can be accessed from within – regardless of our external environment – are these:

  • Having a strong support system
  • Encompassing a growth mindset
  • Being able to integrate the traumatic experience, and
  • Developing new belief systems after the traumatic experience

Let’s break these down. 👇🏼


Surround yourself with people who can show you nothing but unconditional love and support. People who will not judge your grief, second-guess your decisions & behaviors right now, or minimize what you are going through.

Connect with others who have walked similar paths and join communities who


A bad thing happened to you. You have been victimized, but you are not a victim! As hopeless as losing someone feels, you have the power to change your tragic trajectory – but it starts with believing that you do!

  • Get curious about grief & loss
  • Find coping skills that work for you
  • Invite in compassion over self-criticism
  • Become self-aware of your old wounds & stories
  • Try on new perspectives to reframe your narrative on death, grief and hardship

You are not powerless.


Don’t focus on moving on or letting go. Focus on moving forward and integrating!

  • Feel your emotions
  • Talk about your loss
  • Process complex thoughts & feelings and/or work through guilt with a therapist or coach
  • Be aware of old wounds impacting present grief
  • Find ways to maintain a connection to your deceased (beyond the physical)
  • Create rituals or practices to remember with love
  • Look for angles beyond the pain and suffering to add new meaning to your loss


A life-altering loss forces you to re-evaluate everything!

  • So called truths come into question
  • Your beliefs begin to change
  • Your values and priorities shift
  • You become more self-aware and conscious
  • You see the world and your existence entirely differently now and It's in this state of confusion, curiosity and consciousness where YOUR TRUTH resides!

Having a space or a practice that allows you to grieve the past version of you (who was attached to old ideals and beliefs), in order to make space for new ones is key! Often grievers feel confused during this process or lament over "not feeling like themselves" -- but how could they not? This loss has changed you! So let the transformation unfold. 🦋

So tell me, are you TRAPPED or TRANSFORMED by your tragedy?

If these tips landed, please share this with someone who might need it or save it for later!

⚡️I’ll be diving deep into these tips and MORE in my new Free Master Class Portal to Purpose to show how your tragedy can actually guide you to your truth. ⚡️

Hope to see you there!

Love & light,


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