Reclaim the BOND. Mother YOUR way!

JUNE 1 - JUNE 29


Reclaim the BOND. Mother YOUR way!

JUNE 1 - JUNE 29


Motherhood My Way is a month-long Mini Course for Widowed Moms to get real about the struggles of solo parenting and connect back to their COMMUNITY, their KIDS, to the MOTHERHOOD paradigm, & their SELF...


To experience more CONNECTION, RELAXATION, FREEDOM and SATISFACTION in solo parenting!


Tired AF & overwhelmed raising kids alone.

Pulling your hair out feeling trapped by your circumstance & guilty when you lose your sh*t on you kids.

No, of course it’s not their fault…but, it’s not yours either!

You never signed up to do this alone!

You’re resilient & strong — OVBI — because yeah, you’re literally doing it ALL by yourself.

But deep down there’s some shakiness.

A whisper that you can’t keep doing it this way.

A fear that you’re barely holding on.

A longing for something better…like you had it with your parter.

You wonder if there’s another way.  A motherhood where you feel:

Capable … AND Connected

Resilient … AND Relaxed

Strong … AND Satisfied

Affectionate … AND Free

I’m here to guide you down this path!

"The biggest takeaway was finding more of myself! That was life changing for me. I highly recommend her program! Emily has been worth every penny spent on helping with my grief."



A month-long mini course to re-claim the bond that was broken by the loss of your partner to re-imagine & re-store motherhood on YOUR terms!

How it works...

Through LIVE interactive trainings, high touchpoint coaching, expert guest speakers, take-home opportunities for deeper self-reflection, and a community for accountability and inspiration, Motherhood My Way will help you…

🖤 Grieve the mother you WERE

🖤 Let go of the mother you SHOULD BE, to

🖤 Embrace the mother you ARE

The group meets online on ZOOM every Thursday from 10-11:30am MST over the course of 5-weeks. During these live calls, Emily will present her training (outlined below) and open up the space for conversation, Q&A and hot seat coaching. Those who opt-in for a free month in the moveTHRU Membership will also have two bonus calls with Emily, a private Telegram community to connect between sessions and other perks outlined below. 




SESSION ONE: Bond with Community

We will kick off our month together by getting REAL about the struggles of widowed motherhood.

We’ll expose all the secondary losses you are grieving, why you are likely living in constant fight or flight mode (and how to stop this!), and how all of these factors validate the way you feel right now.

You’ll get tips on how to build your village and create a support system that works for you now; including how to unpack subconscious programming that makes it so hard to ask for help!

Together, we will strengthen the bond of sisterhood by sharing our struggles to discover healing power of community.


SESSION TWO: Bond with Self

During our second session together, we will explore the bond with the most important stakeholder — YOURSELF!

I’ll introduce motherhood archetypes that confirm the importance of connection to and knowing yourself (first and foremost), in order to show up fully as the mom you are meant to be!

You’ll gain practical exercises on how stop the survival pattern of flight or flight, regulate emotions that arise during solo parenting, shift your energy to prevent overwhelm and feel more relaxed, and self-care practices to help you prioritize YOU.

The end of this session will include a deep-dive exploration into your passions, purpose and the roles you fill outside of motherhood. What lights you up mama? Let’s ignite that inner-flame! 🔥


SESSION THREE: Bond with Children

After you’ve gained the tools to support yourself, we will shift the focus to our children.

During this conversation we will explore the loss of family structure after a partner’s death and how this affects your children and support system.

I’ll teach you how to set boundaries with family members, friends and other members of “the village” it takes to support you through this time.

We will also spend a majority of this conversation talking about our children’s grief and how to hold space for their pain without “fixing” them.

You’ll finish this session feeling prepared to have the hard conversations and reassured that your kids will not only survive this monumental loss, but thrive. Pinky-promise. 😉


SESSION FOUR: Bond with Motherhood

Our final session together will conclude with an exploration of Motherhood.

We will study the motherhood paradigm that most of us have likely been raised to accept as the "golden standard”; and what factors have led us to believe that this is the only acceptable model.

We will also honor the mother who we were when our partners were living AND…we will hold space to grieve her.

I’ll teach you how to strip down the layers of conditioning that are making you feel like your style of mothering is “wrong” and help you make mindset shifts to embrace the mom you are!

Most importantly, I’ll help you break free of limiting beliefs that making you feel trapped by your circumstance and unworthy of all the love, joy and abundance you deserve.




For this round of Motherhood My Way, I’ve invited Certified Child Life Specialist and Founder of Kids Grief Support Jessica Correnti to answer your big questions around children’s grief. During her training, we will dive deep into the specifics of how to support a grieving child and you’ll receive custom coaching & guidance during our 45 min Q&A.

Meet your Guest Speaker: Jessica Correnti

 Jessica Correnti is a Certified Child Life Specialist with 15 years’ experience. The first 14 years of her career were spent in the hospital setting in Pediatric ICUs, the Emergency Department, Inpatient Units, and Surgical Centers. Jessica has a BA in Education of Young Children, minor in Psychology and a MS in Healthcare Administration and Community Health. She is the founder and owner of Kids Grief Support, a private practice that provides virtual and in-person sessions to grieving children and families across the globe through therapeutic activities and support. Jessica is the author of Forever Connected, a children’s book for bereaved siblings. She is currently working on her next publication, a series of three grief books that is expected to be available late 2023/early 2024. Additionally, Jessica is the Director of the Maryland TEARS Foundation Center for Child Loss with financial and emotional support programming for bereaved families. Jessica is passionate about supporting grieving children, families, and the professionals that companion the bereaved. Jessica lives in the Baltimore area with her husband, two living children, and continues to honor her children that died due to miscarriage and stillbirth through her passion of serving grieving families.



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  • 8 Week moveTHRU Grief Online Course
  • 3 DAY Empowered Healing Summit
  • 90 Min Reclamation Master Class

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Feeling connected, relaxed, satisfied and free in solo motherhood




What it would feel like to...

⚡ You felt seen and supported as a widowed mom

 You could share openly about your struggles

⚡ You felt empowered with tools to regulate your nervous system and move thru your hard emotions

⚡ You prioritized yourself without guilt or shame

⚡ You were deeply connected to yourself & your children

⚡ You felt proud, confident & secure in your parenting choices and genuinely lit up about motherhood!

This is possible for you!

And, this program is designed to get you there!

Let’s do Motherhood YOUR Way!


As a widowed mom myself...

I've accepted that I can't be the mom I used to be when my husband was alive.

I've let go of the ideals and standards that society places on moms. 

I've stopped forcing myself into a paradigm that doesn't fit. 

So that I could create my own! 

And guess what?

I’ve never felt this much joy, connection and FREEDOM in motherhood…and in life.

And I’ve done it by grieving the mother I was, letting go of the mother I should be, and embracing the mother I am.

In Motherhood My Way I’ll teach you my unique approach to connect back to your TRIBE, your KIDS, yourSELF and MOTHERHOOD itself to...

Feel connected, relaxed, satisfied and free in a situation you certainly did not sign up for!

So let’s re-claim that magical bond and get started now.



Motherhood My Way


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"Emily has truly helped me to understand my grief. She has helped me tremendously on learning how to take my loved ones with me as I move through my grief. I know they will always be with me and how to honor them while taking steps forward. She has also shown me how important movement is to make sure my grief does not get stuck in my body. Emily helps you to be curious of your emotions which helps you learn more about your own self. The biggest takeaway was finding more of myself in this program as we learned more about our personalities! That was life changing for me on how I viewed myself and my grieving. I highly recommend her program! She has been worth every penny spent on helping with my grief. I feel so supported by her even after group is done."


"Emily is pretty amazing. She somehow, despite her own profound loss manages to show you that life is meant to be lived. She is not a therapist, she is a coach. Emily listens, she speaks, but mostly she helps you to find your way and to understand that together we can move through our grief and we can continue to live our lives. I don’t know where I would be without Emily and without this group that I now consider my friends. From the bottom of my heart, Emily, I thank you!"


"During my initial conversation with Emily, I felt her compassion and empathy for my experience with my loss. After she described her program to me, I knew it was the missing piece I’d been searching for in my grief journey. I felt supported by Emily and the members in the group to share my story in a safe space. I shared my traumatic experience, my emotional struggles and my external stressors (all of which I’m not often comfortable sharing in a group setting). I am still moving through my grief, but I am no longer ‘stuck’…I now have additional tools and strategies to help me move forward. For the first time in over 3 years, I am feeling ready to open my heart to new experiences and I am excited for the next chapter in my life! I highly recommend this wonderful group…it has been life-changing for me! Emily will meet you where you are and will help you to figure out how to do it, it’s amazing!"


Ready to reclaim the bond and define motherhood by your own standards?

Join me on this month-long transformation for lifelong results.



About Emily

Emily Bingham is a Certified Grief Educator, Grief Coach, widow and founder of moveTHRU. After the loss of her husband in 2019 to Uveal Melanoma, she started moveTHRU to create new meaning out of her tragedy by helping others heal. In a few short years, it’s evolved into a full-blown online grief coaching business. Emily has worked with hundreds of clients in her private & free coaching groups and has used her story of loss to reach millions of followers through her social media content on TikTok and Instagram and to write her first book (being published early 2024). Her goal is to help anyone who has experienced a loss embrace grief through movement, mindset, and by connecting with a community who understands.

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