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by Emily Bingham


Find Healing, Meaning & Purpose in Life After Loss


Your Guide to Grief & Thriving in Life after Loss

Hi friend!

I’m so sorry for the loss that has brought you here, but glad that you found me. Since my 32-year-old husband’s death in March 2019, I’ve discovered my true purpose in life, which is spreading light.

My book Love & Grief teaches you how to survive early-grief, how to find meaning & purpose as you grow from this experience, and how to re-build a life where you ultimately THRIVE.

In it you’ll find:

  • Personal stories from my experience of loss
  • Accessible grief toolboxes to refer to wherever you are in your journey
  • Inspirational quotes that brought me hope when I needed it most
  • Journal prompts to deepen your healing & growth
  • Empowering mindset shifts to help you find meaning & purpose moving forward

Each word is taken from my direct experience of navigating my own loss, in addition to my experience coaching clients and certifications in Grief Education and Purpose & Spiritual Life Coaching.

I hope that the words provide you with practical guidance, inspiration and empowerment moving forward.

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