A 6-Week LIVE Writing Immersion to Heal, Share & Re-Claim your Story on Loss

May 3 - June 14


A 6-week LIVE Writing Immersion to Heal, Share & Re-Claim your Story on Loss

May 3 - June 14



Why it works!


Talking about grief is scary AF! Whether it's opening up about your feelings to friends & family, or in a more public forum like sharing your struggles on social media -- there's a lot of fear with having the deepest, darkest parts of yourself seen by others.

But here's the thing -- grief needs to be witnessed!

In fact, you might be blocking yourself from healing and moving forward if you are holding it in or grieving in total isolation. 

In order to integrate your loss in a way that adds deep meaning and purpose to your life, you need a space to: 

🖤 Process your loss
🖤 Feel your feelings
🖤 Have them witnessed by others
🖤Understand how old wounds play a role in your current grief, and
🖤Look for new themes beyond the pain & suffering of your loss

I've found that writing about grief and sharing it in private communities or more publicly on social media can provide tremendous opportunities for healing, meaning making and finding purpose after a loss.

Here’s why …


WRITING about your loss and daily struggles gives you the space to process your emotions. As you write or create a post about what's on your heart – emotions typically arise -- allowing you to feel and release them! You can't heal, what you don't feel. 

When you SHARE a post or talk about your experience, your  grief gets WITNESSED! Other grievers feel seen as you share your story, and their comments validate and normalize your experience too! 

Through social media you can CONNECT with grievers all over the world navigating similar circumstances and plug in to an immediate COMMUNITY “who gets you.” You feel less alone in your struggle and empowered by others who are moving forward too! 

As you PROCESS the pain thru writing & sharing, you can start to seek the LESSON in each challenge, disappointment or failure. You begin to look for new angles beyond the pain & suffering -- like your resilience, inner strength, deep gratitude for life, and reprioritization of what matters to you now. 

You can use this information -- these new TRUTHS and PERSPECTIVES on how you see the world -- to find your purpose and create a life of intention that honors your loved one as you move forward with life! 

This is possible for you! 

I know because I've done this work myself. 


I created Grief Expressed for the griever who...

▶︎ is ready to SHARE her story of loss 

▶︎ wants to feel CONFIDENT expressing herself freely & fully

▶︎ desires to FINE-TUNE her art of EXPRESSION & STORYTELLING 

▶︎ is open to DEEPER HEALING thru writing & reflecting in a safe community 

▶︎ feels LIT UP by the prospect of using her story to CREATE IMPACT!

I’ve used my grief as a form of expression to heal myself and help others, and now I want to share my process with you!


In this 6-week LIVE Program you will learn how to...

❊ Heal your story of loss through writing & sharing in a safe community

❊ Overcome imposter syndrome & let go of judgments from others

❊ Feel confident expressing yourself authentically & vulnerably in online/public spaces

❊ Seek the lessons in loss to make meaning & re-write your narrative

❊ Build a community & movement using your story and voice

❊ Connect to your purpose as you create impact with your story of loss

❊ So that you can re-claim the narrative on your story of loss to re-imagine and write whatever you desire in your next chapter!

Ready to get started?



When you join Grief EXPRESSED, you enter into a vortex of healing, self-reflection, creativity, connection and raw expression.

Over the course of 6-weeks together, we will learn, write, process, share and re-imagine our next chapter without our loved and acquire the tools to begin writing it (literally and figuratively)!

There will be three live trainings (and a bonus workshop!) lead by Emily, two integration calls (time & date TBD), and three guest speaker workshops (outlined below), which will take place on Wednesdays from 11am-12:30pm MST.

Between trainings, participants will  be invited to join a Telegram group where Emily will drop 1-2 weekly writing prompts to facilitate healing, promote sharing & connection, and to inspire everyone’s creative expression. Her prompts will build off of her live trainings described here.



The first training will focus on healing your story thru writing. We will explore the topic of how old wounds, past trauma and conditioning play a role in the stories we create around our loss. You will learn how to befriend your triggers as a pathway to healing and separate the facts of the death from the story, so that you can learn how to re-write the narrative.


The second training will explore the power of having your grief witnessed in the online space, by first creating safety within the container. We will address how to overcome imposter syndrome — fears & self-doubt linked to unworthiness — that arise when sharing openly about your loss; and how to release judgment from others who don’t understand your need to share, so that you can express yourself freely & fully.


The final training will invite you to reflect on the lessons in loss — new themes emerging like resilience, growth and rebirth — and how sharing your story to help new others can create new meaning. Emily will also share her storytelling tips and the secrets behind her community growth and how to build a movement to heal others, as you heal yourself.


Bonus Workshop!


Ready to turn your pain into purpose? This bonus workshop will focus on how to build a heart-led business can create a vision of impact using your story of loss to help others. 


What it would feel like to...

Express yourself authentically & freely

Impact others with your story

Honor your deceased loved one

Integrate your loss in a way that adds deep meaning & purpose to your life

Feel in control of your narrative on life … no matter what’s thrown your way!

This is possible for you!


➔ 6 LIVE Zoom Calls

VALUE $3000

➔ Private Telegram Community + Weekly Prompts

VALUE $1500

➔ 3 Guest Speaker Workshops — Meet your speakers below!

VALUE $1200

➔ Feeling confident, connected to and in control of your story of loss!


That’s $6000+ value that I’m offering for 1/6 of your investment!


Expressing my grief through writing, sharing on social media and now even publishing my own book to help others has provided me with tremendous healing, growth and purpose in life moving forward without my late husband. My desire with this program is to give you all of my insights, tools, inspiration and a safe & supportive community so that you can get started on this path too.

While this program is valued at $6000+ I’m offering it for 1/6 of your investment at $1111! And I’m opening up two-early bird rates for the closest members of my moveTHRU family who are ready to spring into action and jump in now!

Early Bird




Full Price




Guest Speakers

Our guest speaker line-up explores the various ways that grief can be expressed. During each bonus workshop, speakers will share how they expressed their grief — through dark humor, podcasting, film and writing — to find healing, meaning and purpose in life moving forward. They will also teach applicable lessons & tools for others to do the same!

Tawny Platis

Tawny Platis, is a voice actor and a comedian who has used dark humor as a tool to navigate the traumatic death of her husband George, who was just 29. In order to cope with her grief, she launched the “Death is Hilarious” podcast where she talked about grief in a humorous, realistic, and death positive way by patterning with other comedians and professionals in the grief space. Tawny is represented by talent agency AB2 and produces comedy content on TikTok and Instagram. She has recently performed stand up comedy shows about light-hearted topics like societal collapse, being widowed at 28 years old, and the potential of an AI apocalypse.

During Grief EXPRESSED, she will share about her story of loss, how expressing her grief thru dark humor helped her heal, and applicable tips & lessons on how she used her story tragedy to help others.


Rob Mor

Rob Mor is an award winning actor, writer, and producer based in Los Angeles. Rob lost his wife to Ovarian Cancer three years ago and today, he uses his TikTok channel to talk about grief, single parenting, and dating. Most recently, Rob wrote, produced, and starred in the short film Ghosted (watch here where a widower magically matches with his deceased wife on a dating app and gets to go on a first date with her again. He is currently working on a book on finding love after loss that will be published next year.

During Grief EXPRESSED, Rob will give us a behind-the-scenes look at his creative & healing process behind his film Ghosted, as well as his podcast Still Single and new book; and share the lessons he has learned about making an impact with his story along the way.



Whitney Allen

Whitney Lyn Allen is first and foremost mama to her sons, Jackson (5) and Leo (1). She practiced law as a medical malpractice defense attorney for ten years before her husband had a severe reaction to a bee sting and sustained a severe brain injury, subsequently resulting in his death. Whitney decided to turn her pain into purpose and followed her new calling to serve others who are also experiencing grief and trauma. She is author of the book about grief and life after loss titled, “Running in Trauma Stilettos,” which is an Amazon Best Seller. Whitney is also a certified grief educator and provides grief coaching to those who are ready for their own transformation and growth after loss. She shares the empowering message that there is so much beauty in life, even after losing a loved one.

In Grief EXPRESSED, Whitney will open up about her journey of sharing her story on social media  and how it transformed into publishing her own memoir -- creating a movement to help others heal.


Your guide...

About Emily

Emily Bingham is a Certified Grief Educator, Grief Coach, widow and founder of moveTHRU. After the loss of her husband in 2019 to Uveal Melanoma, she started moveTHRU to create new meaning out of her tragedy by helping others heal. In a few short years, it’s evolved into a full-blown online grief coaching business. Emily has worked with hundreds of clients in her private & free coaching groups and has used her story of loss to reach millions of followers through her social media content on TikTok and Instagram and to write her first book (being published early 2024). Her goal is to help anyone who has experienced a loss embrace grief through movement, mindset, and by connecting with a community who understands.


Here’s what clients have to say about working with Emily and the moveTHRU community …


"I could not recommend this grief program enough! I was able to better understand MY grief. I felt safe and comforted by other widows who could understand. I learned that I can actually be the best version of myself after the loss of my best friend."


"Grief is so hard, but I have learned through this group that grief and love go hand in hand. Without grief there is no love and if you want to have a life filled with love you will have grief. Emily is not a therapist, she is a coach, she listens, she speaks, but mostly she helps you to find your way and to understand that together we can move through our grief and we can continue to live our lives. I don’t know where I would be without Emily and without this group that I now consider my friends."


"During my initial conversation with Emily, I felt her compassion and empathy for my experience with my loss. Emily’s weekly reflection questions/prompts provided invaluable guided examination into a wide variety of grief topics and also dedicated time for sharing with the other members in the group, which allowed for compassionate dialogue and support. It has been life-changing for me!"


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