A year long metamorphosis with moveTHRU



Grief work and growth are often painful and slow.


Transformation takes time.


And the time is NOW!

Plug into every program with moveTHRU for a FULL-YEAR of healing, growth and personal transformation.


“Grief is a cocoon from which we emerge new.”

- Glennon Doyle, Untamed

What would it feel like to embrace grief? To truly feel it as the unexpressed love for your deceased person? To hope that it never goes away because you are now able to remember your person with more love than pain?

How might it look to confidently communicate your needs and boundaries to others? To feel so safe and secure in your sense of SELF? How would things shift if you truly understood your needs and desires?

What would it feel like to be deeply connected to your sense of purpose? You why? Your reason for it all? How might your view of the world and what you do with your time here shift?

How would you feel with back-pocket mentorship and an entire community to plug into? Would you show up differently in life feeling seen, validated, supported and empowered?

 I Created COCOON for the growth-oriented human who is committed to healing and personal growth.

For the sister or brother ...

🦋 Who wants to do life in community with others who understand

🦋 Who is dedicated to the journey (not the destination) and understands that grief work, healing and post-traumatic growth is slow, and

🦋 Who desires back-pocket, high-touchpoint coaching to support their evolution into their highest self. ✨

After a loss, your entire world falls apart.

Here you are in the space between the life you new and loved, and this strange and foreign new future.

You have options:

Re-build your life to normal

Re-build your life to something stronger

It is my life’s work and mission to hold you in this space between your life before loss and your life after, guiding you to re-build something STRONGER.



Enter the COCOON

When you enter the COCOON, you get access to ALL moveTHRU programs & special bonuses (outlined below).

I carefully crafted a year-long experience to meet you wherever you are at in your grieving journey.


moveTHRU Membership

VALUE $1999

January - December 2023

A Brave Space to Re-Imagine & Rebuild your Life After Loss

1 Coaching Session with Emily & 1 Movement Session with Yole per month 

Access to the moveTHRU Grief Online Course & past LIVE workshops and trainings


VALUE $1111

May - June 2023 (6 weeks)

A LIVE writing immersive to heal, share and re-write your story on loss

3 LIVE trainings
3 BONUS Guest speaker workshops
Private Telegram community 



Motherhood My Way

VALUE $777

June 2023

Reclaim the Unshakable Bond - to kids, to community, to self, and to “mother”

2-Week Mini-Course with Emily



Summer of Self-Care Challenge

VALUE $888

July 2023

A 21-day LIVE challenge to help you step into your worthiness 

Telegram community + $500 spa package gift for winner


Grow THRU Grief

VALUE $3333

September-November 2023 (12 weeks)

Find Meaning & Purpose as you Rebuild Your Life after Loss

Weekly Coaching Calls with Emily and Bonus Guest Speakers / Workshops

Without You

VALUE $1699

November - December 2023 (8-weeks)

Holiday Grief Support

Weekly Coaching Calls with Emily & Yole



of joining COCOON:


Quarterly high-touchpoint coaching calls with Emily

VALUE $2000

First dibs on the moveTHRU Widows Retreat


Access to any NEW programs or workshops Emily creates during the year*

VALUE $2000

VOXER voice messaging app for high-touchpoint coaching & community between live sessions

VALUE $5000

 Access to moveTHRU vault housing past live courses (moveTHRU Grief LIVE and LOVE AFTER LOSS) and trainings and workshops 

VALUE $4444



But for members of COCOON, your investment is...

We’re currently enrolling for
COCOON 2023!


Make 2023 your year of healing, growth, and expansion from the inside-out.

Make your investment today and get immediate access to everything moveTHRU!




PIF (Save $1400)

$6999 / year




The following clients have been working with me and the moveTHRU community for over one year. None of them joined my coaching containers to become better versions of themselves.

They were just surviving.

But what transpired in the darkness -- in the COCOON -- is a testament to the power of community, high-touch point coaching & long-term mentorship, and personal commitment to healing & growth.

Read through their stories to see what transformations are possible for you too!


Carol joined the moveTHRU community seven months after losing her husband Bill. She was struggling with the deep sadness she felt in his absence, moving forward and figuring out who she was without her partner.

She enrolled in moveTHRU Grief LIVE (twice!), Grow THRU Grief, and attended my first widows retreat out in Colorado. Carol showed up to nearly every LIVE zoom call, completed every module in my online course along with journal prompts, and continued to connect with her community of widows throughout the year.

In the year that I’ve had the pleasure of coaching Carol, I’ve witnessed profound transformation. Carol has learned to live with uncertainty, to surrender control, to lean into the pain of her loss  to discover love and gratitude, and most importantly to LOVE HERSELF! I’ll never forget Carol’s beaming smile during my widow’s retreat when she proclaimed that she loved Bill, but she loved HERSELF more!

Carol is a testament to the power of high-touchpoint coaching, community and what showing up to do the work can transpire in terms of personal transformation and growth.


Mindy began her journey with moveTHRU when she joined my holiday grief group in November 2021. She had lost her husband Paul just 3 and a half months prior. Mindy was traumatized by her loss, struggling to cope with feelings of loneliness, guilt, and her trauma responses to triggers, all while trying to support a family of 6 children.

Mindy continued on with moveTHRU participating in EVERY moveTHRU program including, moveTHRU Grief LIVE (twice), Grow THRU Grief, Love After Loss, Motherhood My Way, and attending my widows retreat in Colorado.

In the year that I’ve had the honor of coaching Mindy, I’ve seen extensive personal growth! She has learned to live alongside her trauma and cope with her triggers (with the help of her therapist too!). She has supported all her children thru their grief and is now learning how to pour more energy & love into herself! She has tools in her toolkit to notice when guilty feelings arise and knows how to challenge them. She has a romantic partner who treats her like the queen she is, stretching Mindy to receive love and claim her self-worth.

Mindy is known at moveTHRU for her double-middle fingers and teaching us not to give a f*ck in the face of judgment and criticism. She has the biggest heart I know and I’m so excited that she’s decided to join the COCOON for another year of turning her pain into her power!


Ginna joined the moveTHRU community five months after losing her wife Kandy. She was feeling completely lost, looking for healthy coping mechanisms, struggling with anxiety, sadness, anger and detachment, and wanted to connect with others who were grieving.

Shortly after joining my holiday grief group in 2021, Ginna was struck with another tragedy – the loss of her son Jeremy. She turned to her the moveTHRU community and her newly found coping outlet – the gym – to move thru the grief of both losses.

Finding solace, healing and tools to cope in my holiday grief group, Ginna continued on by joining moveTHRU Grief LIVE (twice) and Grow THRU Grief (twice). She also made it out to Colorado to meet the sisters who supported her through some of her darkest moments, to celebrate her beautiful transformation thru grief.

After coaching Ginna for a year, I’ve seen her gain confidence and empowerment – relying on the tools and knowledge gained in our sessions. When she felt anxious sharing her feelings early-on in our groups, I now watch her choose her words with intention and grace. Ginna has learned how to cope with her emotions, hold the duality of grief & gratitude, and maintain a connection to her deceased loved ones as she moves forward with life!


Alison joined moveTHRU when she enrolled in my holiday grief group about five months after losing her partner Juan. She wanted to connect with others navigating a loss and needed coping strategies to survive the season of joy.

Alison got the toolkit she was looking for and a FAMILY for life when she decided to continue on with moveTHRU for an entire year! She showed up to every session of moveTHRU Grief LIVE (twice!), Love After Loss, Grow THRU Grief, and celebrated with her sisters at my widows retreat. When the outside world made Alison feel alone in her grief, she felt seen and validated in our groups.

After a year in the moveTHRU community, Alison is honoring Juan as she builds a new relationship with her current partner. She feels confident and empowered knowing that she has coping strategies for grief and a community to lean on.

She set the intention to not just survive grief, but to LIVE with it -- and she is doing just that! Alison is moving forward with her life and carrying Juan and her grief WITH her.


Julie began her journey with moveTHRU when she joined my fall round of Grow THRU Grief in 2020. She was grieving multiple losses within a short time-span – her husband Andrew, her father, her brother and her mother-in-law – and struggling with lack of motivation, questions surrounding what’s next in life, and looking for tools to cope.

After a year and a half of working together, Julie completed EVERY program at moveTHRU, attended my widow’s retreat, AND recently joined my high-touchpoint mentorship Thrive THRU Grief to start her own grief coaching business. She experienced firsthand the power of having her grief witnessed and connecting with others who “get it” and is now creating that experience for others!

She has truly embraced grief, re-discovered who she is at her essence and what she wants out of life – sharing her amazing vision board that she created off of our core values workshop – and is literally bringing it ALL to life!

Julie is proof of what having a community, mentorship, and showing up to do the work can achieve after navigating not just one – but multiple losses. Her smile and positivity is contagious and I know her warmth will support many hurting hearts as she turns her pain into purpose.


Jen began her journey with moveTHRU when she joined moveTHRU Grief LIVE and Grow THRU Grief at the beginning of 2022. It had been just over one year since her husband Brandon passed away and she was looking to let go of the fear of the future and find purpose in life after her loss.

As a solo mom of four, Jen made the commitment to herself by enrolling in every moveTHRU program in 2022 and flying out to Colorado for my first-ever widow’s retreat. She showed up to sessions with littles attached at her hip, and summoned the courage to join my Thrive THRU Grief **mentorship to use her story to help others.

In the year that I’ve had the honor of coaching Jen, I’ve witnessed her beautiful breaking – allowing herself to feel the anger, rage, disappointment and heartache of her loss – and watched her courageously dive deep within. She’s healing childhood wounds, breaking old patterns and limiting beliefs, and finding her own voice to slay shame and re-write the story on addiction.

Jen sought out to find her purpose and share her story when she joined moveTHRU, and she is doing exactly that! She’s a reminder to all to push your excuses aside and if you really want something – then, go out and make it happen!


Liz joined the moveTHRU community 1.5 years after her husband Lester’s sudden loss. She was struggling with accepting her new life, facing a future without him, supporting her grieving children, and looking for tools to cope with anxiety, anger and lack of confidence.

Surprised by how much the holiday grief group supported her, Liz ended up enrolling in program after program with moveTHRU and attending the widows retreat in CO. As part of her new found purpose and how she is creating meaning in her loss, Liz jumped into my Thrive THRU Grief mentorship to learn how to share her story to inspire others.

In the year that I’ve coached Liz, I’ve watched her gain confidence and empowerment, and feel genuine excitement about building her new future. She’s finding meaning and purpose in her loss by helping others improve their mental, emotional and physical well-being as a BeachBody coach and sharing her story on social media.

Liz has metamorphosed from the inside-out! She’s embracing grief, living with duality, honoring her late husband Lester, moving forward with meaning and is now inspiring others to do the same!

About Emily

Certified Grief Educator, Grief Coach, widow and founder of moveTHRU. After the loss of her husband in 2019 to Uveal Melanoma, she started moveTHRU to create new meaning out of her tragedy by helping others heal. In two years, it’s evolved into a full-blown online grief coaching business. Emily has worked with hundreds of clients in her private & free coaching groups and reached millions of followers through her social media content on TikTok and Instagram. Her goal is to help anyone who has experienced a loss embrace grief through movement, mindset, and by connecting with a community who understands.

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