Privilege 🙏

Mar 10, 2023

A life-altering loss shatters your world into a million pieces and leaves you WITH and IN a vast void — between grieving the life that was, and rebuilding the life that will be.

The void is scary, uncertain and downright painful! But what I’m realizing in the 4 years since my husband’s death is that…


It’s quite literally:

〰The space between where you’ve been and where you’re going

〰The distance between A and B

〰The time between past and future

The void is right now!

Life is already happening, but often we’re so focused on “what’s next” that we miss what’s happening right in front of us.

Tragic loss viscerally reveals this truth — the reminder of HOW GOOD YOU HAD IT — through the pain you feel when it’s gone.

For many, this is a lesson learned too late! And because this perspective can only be achieved in hind-site, grievers spend lots of time working through regret…wishing they were more grateful or present when their loved one was alive.

You can’t change the past. But you can change the way you move forward!

You can let the insights you’ve gained from your loss to guide you …

🖤 To seek appreciation in basic needs like food, shelter, a heartbeat and oxygen in your lungs.

🖤 To source happiness and self - worth from within you — not external factors like your job title, car or the person who chooses you.

🖤 To release expectations around where you “should” be and celebrate exactly where you are.

The more that you can release need or urgency around "what’s next?”, you can access deep appreciation and find beauty in what already IS!

Gratitude can alchemize so much misery and suffering that is often self-induced.

It’s a privilege to be here, friends.

(It’s really just that simple.)

Speaking of gratitude ...

I’m so grateful for YOU and this community who allows me to share from my heart, witness my grief and turn my pain into purpose every day.

Writing, sharing about my grief, and using my story to help others has played an instrumental role in my healing journey and is how I've found purpose in my "new normal." This process has inspired me so much, that I've created a brand NEW program on EXPRESSING yourself thru grief!

Stay tuned! Deets will be dropping soon. 🔮

In the mean time, I invite you to check out my free resources, the moveTHRU Membership(where you can access this high-touchpoint coaching & community for $199/month - cancel anytime), and my Love After Loss program which kicks of next week!

I love doing grief and life with you friends!

With love, light, & deep gratitude,


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