7 KEY 🗝 steps to unlock your purpose ✨

Nov 09, 2023

There is no super strait-forward or clear-cut path to finding one's purpose in life. And when you add grief into the equation, it gets even murkier.

However, upon reflecting on my own journey and getting my certification in Dharma (Soul Purpose) Coaching, I've uncovered 7 key 🔑 steps that will help you unlock your purpose in the wake of life-altering loss.

Keep reading below to find out!

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If you want to learn how to implement these tools with my signature framework to discover your purpose in just 12-weeks 🤯 (instead of 4 years like me!)... 👉 then I invite you to book a free 30-min discovery call with me today!


During this time, I'll learn about your specific goals & struggles and we'll explore if my programs or 1:1. coaching are a fit! There is no pressure to commit. I'm here for you no matter what.

My 7 key steps to unlock your purpose below! 👇

1. Take radical ownership over your life

Yes, a horrible thing happened to you. You have a right to feel pissed off and downright depressed about it.


You get to decide how this tragedy dictates the rest of your life.

Radical ownership is about taking charge of your life and responsibilities, instead of letting them control you.

2. Grieve & integrate your loss

This process doesn't end with acceptance, it starts with it. Your person is not coming back and your life will be forever changed.

Once you accept this, you can hold the duality between grieving the life that WAS and adapting to the life that IS. This is an ongoing (even life-long) process.

3. Discover WHO YOU ARE now (post-loss)

Your loss has fundamentally changed you. From a Dharmic standpoint, it’s actually helping you remember your truth.

So, allow your old identity to die – shed all the layers of conditioning and ego roles – to meet yourself at your essence.

4. Define WHAT MATTERS to you

A traumatic event like the death of a loved one rocks your beliefs in a safe & sound world. You’re forced to reevaluate everything!

Your priorities change, so take time to explore your core values and how you want to make the most of your limited time here on earth.

5. Build a life in ALIGNMENT

Your purpose is to simply BE more of YOU. This means leveraging your inherent gifts & strengths to create impact – at home, at the office or worldwide!

This will look different for everyone, so stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and look within.

You already know … your loss is helping you remember.

6. Re-write your Limiting Beliefs

You might want to do things differently after your loss – work less, spend more time with family or do something that is truly meaningful!

BUT … you get scared.

You believe that you’ll fail, you’re not good enough or it’s irresponsible, so you stay stuck in the same pattern.

Bring awareness to these fears & doubts, learn their origins, and rewrite them so that you can bring your dreams to fruition!

7. Take action

Let go of the outcome and just get started. It’s ok if you don’t have every
detail planned out – in fact this cuts you off from the magic of the universe sending opportunities your way!

Commit to one small change and do it. This sends your subconscious a signal that you are trustworthy and capable, which builds confidence in the long-run.

You know now more than anyone how precious life can be. So let’s make the most of it in 2024!

Book a discovery call with me HERE and I’ll show you how you can apply these 7 steps to find your purpose and start LIVING it next year.

You have a divine purpose✨

(And this very tragedy is actually guiding you to it! )

If you are ready to find it…let's chat!

Love & light,


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