8-Weeks to Clarity, Confidence & Connection for Dating as a Widow

 MARCH 16 - MAY 11


Hi love... 

I’m so glad you are here! My name is Emily and I lost my husband to Cancer in 2019. We were both 32.

I felt so alone as a young widowed mom, and even more isolated when I started getting curious about dating just four months after he died! I felt guilty for desiring someone else and immediately started to judge myself.

I didn’t know other young widows who could normalize my feelings by telling me that they felt that way too!

After two months of criticizing myself for wanting to date, my loneliness got the best of me, so I jumped on a dating app and started swiping away! I fumbled my way through dating — not knowing how to talk about being a widow with new guys, feeling like I was broken or had so much baggage, and not really understanding who or what I was even looking for!

After three months of chasing a guy who gave me the same butterflies that my late husband Ian did, I found myself dumped via text message.

I was devasted.


In hind-site, this breakup was the BEST thing that happened to me!

It ripped the band-aid off of the real wound I was protecting by dating and it forced me to feel my grief and heal.

It shifted my focus from finding the solution to my pain outside of me — ie. a new guy — and turned my attention within.

It helped me get clear on WHY I WAS DATING, WHO I WAS and WHAT I DESIRED in my next partner.

It forced me to transform my loneliness into solitude so that I could date from a place of DESIRE instead of NEED.

This journey of self-exploration allowed me to gain clarity and confidence as I navigated the dating scene.

And now, I want to share these lessons with you!


As I got deeper into the dating scene, I would listen to podcasts on relationships & dating and think to myself — this is helpful, but this information doesn’t exactly apply. I wanted insight that was more specific and tailored to my unique needs as a widow.

Let’s face it …

Dating after the death of a partner is not the same as dating after a divorce or breakup.

We did not end our relationship by choice!

So if you’ve asked yourself …

Will my new love ever live up to my old love?

How do I date someone new without comparing them to my deceased partner?

How do I stop feeling guilty about dating?

If I’m still grieving, does it mean that I’m not ready?

How do I honor my old love and open my heart to someone new?


Love After Loss

March 2023


I’ve teamed up with Relationship Coach and Therapist Michelle Mouhtis (bio below) to create Love After Loss. This 8-week course will serve as the safe & supportive space you’ve been looking for to discuss all of your questions & concerns around dating & widowhood with a community who understands.

The program kicks off March 16th and meets weekly via ZOOM for eight consecutive weeks. There will be one integration week half-way through our program, where the group takes a break to process the material and a BONUS celebration of self-love and healing to conclude the group.


What you will gain from this course!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the topics explored and potential shifts you’ll experience:


Know how to determine if you are dating from a place of loneliness, or if you are truly ready for that next, soul-level romance.


Explore how to talk about being a widow in an empowered way by owning your story, and when to share this information on a date.


Dive deep into your motivation for dating and understand how intention affects the way you show up in a relationship.


Learn how to be with and challenge guilty thoughts around dating in a way that honors your timeline and loved one.


Explore how to hold space for BOTH your deceased loved one and new love.


Get clear on who you are and what you desire (and more importantly what you don’t) in a future partner so you can date with clarity and confidence.


Understand your needs and desires around dating so that you can own your story, draw boundaries and trust in yourself.


Discover that the key to finding soul-level love in a chapter two romance is first about loving yourself!

Not to mention all of the deep connections & friends you’ll be making along the way!

What is included... 

🖤 8 LIVE High-Touch Point Coaching Calls with Michelle and Emily

🖤 2 BONUS Sessions - ONE Kickoff Call & ONE Guest Speaker Workshop (see below!)

🖤 Access to a Private Online Community to connect with others in the group between sessions

🖤 Access to Session Recordings for up to six months following the program

🖤 Downloadable Journal Prompts and Session Notes for easy reference

🖤 Connection to a community who gets it for life!

Brianna Brown

Sensual Embodiment Mentor

For our second round of Love After Loss, Brianna Brown will be leading the group in a BONUS session on reclaiming your pleasure, your womb space, and your worthiness. We’ll discuss the ways pleasure and your own sexuality can be an ally in the grief journey and how to harness that power to navigate the dating scene from a place of desire instead of need. To create safety and security for the group to explore topics of sexuality, pleasure and  intimacy after partner loss, this group will be offered to those who identify as female in the group. 

Your Investment

I know firsthand how much a life-altering loss can shatter your sense of self-confidence.

Grief makes it difficult to trust in yourself; to eliminate the noise — all the “should’s”, expectations and judgements that come with dating as a widow; to create boundaries around people who can support you vs. prolong your suffering; and to feel assured as you navigate this foreign terrain.

Sometimes it takes someone else who has walked the path before you to help you step into a place of empowerment to help you move forward.

Michelle and I have created this distinct program just for you!

As far as I know, there is no other community or course that focuses specifically on dating & widowhood and brings in TWO COACHES to hold space and guide you!

In this 8-week container, you will gain the clarity, confidence and connection that you have been looking for! The investment to join Love After Loss is $1999 (or save $300 by enrolling early!). Regardless of when when you join, the transformation … PRICELESS.



Save $300 by enrolling before March 3




Enrollment open through program start date


Monthly payment options available upon request. Email [email protected].

Your community is waiting!


Emily Bingham

is a Certified Grief Educator, Grief Coach, widow and founder of moveTHRU. After the loss of her husband in 2019 to Uveal Melanoma, she started moveTHRU to create new meaning out of her tragedy by helping others heal. In two years, it’s evolved into a full-blown online grief coaching business. Emily has worked with hundreds of clients in her private & free coaching groups and reached millions of followers through her social media content. Her goal is to help anyone who has experienced a loss embrace grief through movement, mindset, and by connecting with a community who understands.

Michelle Mouhtis

is a speaker, licensed therapist and a “go to” Dating + Relationship Coach featured in Women’s Health, Brides, and The Knot. Professional women in their 30’s seek Michelle’s support when they are single and want to find lasting love, or when they are in a committed relationship and desire deeper connection during a major life transition. Mouhtis is an accredited expert on serving women who crave a healthy relationship with love in their adulthood, moving through past romantic or intense family experiences. She believes the health of women’s relationships determines the happiness of their lives, and combines the latest relationship research and energy psychology to help her clients be aligned in their most loving partnerships.


Here's what some of our clients said about their experience in Love After Loss!

"Going through the Love after Loss  program was probably one of the best proactive steps I've taken to move forward [after my loss]. The very idea of taking off my wedding band haunted me.  I was very curious about dating, but not at all ready to take action. I doubted myself that I could "choose" or vet the prospective date. A week after the program ended, I was ready to take off my wedding band. I feel very confident, almost empowered now in my ability to spot a potential date that I might connect with. I also truly understand now that opening myself up to love again in no way diminishes my loss or the love I have and always will have for my late husband. Emily and Michelle are gifted in what they do and their message resonates with me on many levels. Just do it!"

- Susan

"Dating is tough! Dating after over 20 years of being out of the game, seemed impossible. I needed to be able to talk to a group of peers -- and experts -- about what that might be like after losing my wife and trying to come to terms with what it would mean to date. I found all the support I needed and got so much help from the team and other community members. Us dudes generally want to just muscle through it and figure it out on our own. I knew that I didn’t know a lot about dating, and I was not willing to try to just figure it out on my own. It’s okay to not know what you are doing and to have questions about all things dating after loss. Michelle and Emily are fantastic and their insight and wisdom is second to none. Also, connecting with other community members, turned out to be more helpful than I ever would have considered, and hearing other's stories, reminded me that I’m not alone and don’t need to struggle on my own."

- Nate 

"The Love After Loss group was truly amazing for my head and heart! I felt so supported by both Michelle and Emily as well as our other widows & widowers in the group. Dating can be such a taboo subject [after a loss], which definitely doesn’t get discussed enough. There are SO many moving parts! The program made me feel heard, seen and relaxed during the difficult process of grieving my husband and actually caring about someone new and making a life together! I had so much to process in this group, and Michelle and Emily helped me explore ALL the feelings and normalized them!  They helped me navigate my emotions as I personally moved into the next chapter in my new relationship! I felt more confident in doing so … while holding my loss close to me too. I can’t thank this program and the connection I felt with everyone enough💗! It was like a weekly virtual hug! For anyone thinking about a new love - relationship or just dating - this program is for you!!! I promise you will feel connected and supported during yet again another huge piece of life “we widows”  navigate in our journey."

- Beth

"I want to say how helpful and enjoyable Emily & Michelle’s Love after Loss program was. As a new widow I had been struggling with my emotions. I desperately wanted to join a widowed group where we could share and discuss our emotions. Emily & Michelle invited everyone participate in their sessions. We began to feel like one big family. We shared our feelings, and I began to feel better about myself. I thought what I was feeling wasn’t normal. But, speaking with Emily, Michelle and the group made me feel good about myself. I highly recommend that any widow to take her classes. You will understand what you’re going through as she understands. Now I still have my rollercoaster emotions after a year but I know now it’s normal. I don’t know if I could have made it without Emily’s classes."

- Cynthia

You don't have to navigate the dating world alone!


Join us for 8 weeks for a deep exploration around dating, widowhood and SELF with the safety & support of a community who understands.



If you know someone else who would be interested in joining us, please spread the word by sharing this page below.

Sending love and light always!
– Emily